What You Need to Know About Blog CommentingI started blogging in 2008 and this blog was born on June 19, 2009.  At that time I was involved with affiliate marketing and it was ALL about the money.

In order to get my content seen I mostly did article marketing, wrote blog posts and built links.  Ranking on Google was the way for our content to be found so that’s what we all focused our attention on.

During that entire time I never once commented on a post.

Not one single time.

It wasn’t until the end of December 2010 that I made my very first comment.

Do you want to know why I never participated?

  • I didn’t think I had anything intelligent to add
  • I didn’t think anyone cared what I had to say
  • I kept hearing you had to add value and I didn’t know what that meant
  • I thought people wouldn’t listen to me because of my age
  • I thought everyone knew so much more than me and I would sound ridiculous
  • Oh and most people never asked me too

You know that saying right!  “I’ve come a LONG way baby”.

Blog commenting put me on the map but it opened my eyes to so much more.

I was taught that it was ALL about the traffic but what I learned was much more important.

As time went by you didn’t just see comments here on my own posts, you saw conversations.  Even to this day people are still in awe of what I’ve built here.  If only they had the confidence in themselves that they can achieve this too.

I’ve gone on to help a lot of people understand how powerful commenting can be and then delivered everything that I’ve personally done in my course, Build a Blog Community.

From the progress I’ve made I now have a consulting business where I’m able to work one-on-one with entrepreneurs who don’t seem to be moving in the direction that they had hoped with their blogs or are confused about what exactly they’re doing wrong.

Blog commenting is a HUGE part of why I am where I am today so I felt it was time to write this post not only for those that are new but for those who are STILL missing the point of why you should be commenting in the first place.

What I have also been witnessing a lot of lately is how selfish some people are becoming with their comments.  It just makes me sick to my stomach.

Whether you view me as an expert in this area or not, I walk the talk and I the get results.  For those reasons alone I’m going to share with you what you need to know about blog commenting.

Let’s begin shall we!

You’re Still Confused About Blog Commenting

I am asked questions all the time about blog commenting.  If you’re new to blogging and not quite sure what it is or why you should participate in this method then I guess I can see why it would be confusing.

Here are just some of the questions I’m regularly asked:

  • How does commenting on people’s content help me?
  • Do you really have to spend a lot of time commenting and leaving long comments in order to get people’s attention?
  • How do I know which blogs I should be commenting on?
  • I hear that you’re the commenting queen. How did that all start and can anyone do that?
  • I don’t feel comfortable commenting on other people’s posts. I feel like I have nothing to contribute.
  • How can commenting help me and my business?
  • What do I say when I comment on someone’s post that will help me stand out from others?  Is that something that can be learned?
  • Isn’t commenting on other people’s content helping them instead of me?
  • How are you able to get so many comments on all your posts?
  • I’m not good with words, how can I write good comments?

I’m going to break this all down for those who are still very confused about it but I also hope that this will shed some light for those who still may not be having success in this area.

Blog commenting is just one way to get targeted traffic to your blog but trust me, it’s not the only way.

For some niches you may not have any success at all with commenting but for others it can be very beneficial.

What Blog Commenting Is

For those who may not be crystal clear on what blog commenting actually is, I thought I’d start by defining that for you before we move on.

Blog commenting is sharing your thoughts with the author about what you just read in their blog post.

Below each post is a commenting box (see image).  You will need to put your real name, your email address which is NEVER shared publically and your blog URL where is asks for your website.

I also give you an area to include your Twitter ID but not all blogs have this option.

Right below that is a place for you to add your comment.

Comment Box

That’s basically what blog commenting is so now let’s get into the benefits of why you should be commenting.

How Blog Commenting Benefits You

In the past most people used blog commenting mainly for driving traffic to their blogs and to build backlinks.

These two methods are still very important today but like anything else in business and life, the way you go about them is what has changed.

How you might ask?


  • You want to be sure that the traffic you’re going after is your target audience; and
  • For those that allow dofollow links in the comments you need to be very picky about which ones you accept. Most don’t understand that they don’t hold the value they once did either.  I’ll get into this later.

For those who would like a little more information about backlinks in general, Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLoud wrote this post, “What Are Backlinks in SEO and What Are the Advantages of Backlinks?” this past July which I believe you’ll find very helpful.

When you use blog commenting in the way it was originally intended then it will always benefit you.  It’s when you use it for your own selfish reasons that it won’t.

Let me explain.

For the most part, a lot of the wrong ways to blog comment are mentioned in my commenting rules.  Not all of course since there is so much you can do wrong plus those are my own pet peeves but it’s a good start.

I’d rather focus on the positive parts of blog commenting though, wouldn’t you!

Let me share just a few of the benefits I’ve found aside from driving traffic of course.

  • You get to learn something new and even be able to ask top marketers questions
  • You become more visible, being seen on other people’s blogs is how this started for me
  • The more you comment on topics you’re experienced in the more credible you become
  • You get to meet some amazing bloggers and gives you the opportunity to start building relationships
  • It still helps build backlinks although they don’t have the value they once did

Why Blog Commenting Works

Back in November of 2010 I joined a membership site to help me build my business at that time.  In that course I was taught to start blog commenting in order to drive traffic to my brand new blog.

I moved through the fears I mentioned above and I started commenting.

The more content I read the more impressed I became and the more I learned.  I was having the best time ever mainly because I was learning a LOT through the course I purchased but I was learning almost as much through the content I was reading.

Because this was new to me and I was uncomfortable commenting I just made sure I let the author know how appreciative I was about the information they shared.  If I’d had any experiences of my own I felt I could include then I did that as well.

That’s why my comments were long but I was so thankful for what I was learning.  I just wanted them to know how much.

People started taking notice and let’s face it, we’re all selfish people when it comes to wanting what we want.

Those people’s blogs I was commenting on wanted me to continue doing that so they would start visiting my blog and comment as well so that I would continue to reciprocate.

They did that for their own selfish reasons but want to know the best part?

What I was sharing at that time truly benefited them so they opted into my blog and bought my product.  Back then I was a nobody with a brand new blog and I was making money my very first month.

This all started because I put myself out in front of the right people who wanted what I had to offer.  I was truthful, genuine and appreciative in my comments and they could tell.  People can see right through you if you’re not there for the right reasons.

It’s now five years later since I started this particular journey and blog commenting is STILL working beautifully for me today.  Is it working for you in the same way?

How to Leave Awesome Comments

I can’t tell you what to say of course but I can point out some areas that you really do need to pay attention to.

Some of them you HAVE to get right or this will just be a huge waste of your time.

I will address though the key ingredients that I believe you should ALWAYS include in your comment.

  • You should always have a gravatar set up and use your real name.  NO comment will ever get through my blog without these.  I know a lot of people are here for business reasons and they use their company logo and their company name when commenting but what you have to remember is that this is a people business.  It’s people connecting with people so this should be your main goal.  If you do this right, they’ll get to know who you are and what you do so don’t even let that be a concern.
  • Always and I mean always address the blog author by their first name when starting your comment.  When possible in the comment itself, mention them again by name.  You are here to make a connection and an impression so if you can’t call them by their name or you misspell it, you just shot yourself in the foot.  Really really bad first impression…
  • Read the post okay!  I know we have a ton of skimmers here and everyone has little time but if you REALLY want to make an impression with that blog owner you better darn well have read the post before you comment.  Just reiterating what was already said won’t cut it.  Those comments are deleted on my blog.
  • Add to the conversation and if you have some of your own experiences then mention those.  If you’ve benefited from doing what they’ve suggested then let them know.  Let them specifically know what you’ve learned from this and thank them for having shared this with you.  It doesn’t have to be a mini-post and you don’t have to write really long comments for me to know you actually read the post and had something to share.  That’s what adding value actually means.
  • If you want to know more information than ask a question in your comment.  This can help you not only continue to learn but will help with having an actual conversation with the blog author and they appreciate helping you as well.
  • Thank them for sharing this awesome information with you.  Hopefully you truly are appreciative of what you just learned.  Be genuine with this though because if it really didn’t make an impression and you didn’t learn anything then we can tell when you’re just trying to be seen and heard.  We women are VERY good at seeing through that I might add.  Winking smile
  • Last but not least, as I briefly just touched upon, be genuine.
    I mentioned above that lately I’ve been witnessing how selfish some people have been with their comments. Do NOT use blog comments to showcase your own accomplishments and promote yourself.  Be respectful of the blog author and what they are sharing.  Remember, this is NOT about you, it’s about them.  It’s about contributing to the subject they’ve shared and not everything you’ve achieved.  You’re just coming across as “oh that was really awesome but I’m more awesome because….”.  Not cool, not at all.

For those that would like a little more “how to” information from some people I definitely admire in this area, let me share a few posts with you that I believe you’ll find extremely helpful.

Harleena Singh wrote a guest post for me back in 2013 called “How to Become a Blog Commenting Superstar”.  She basically maps out how she constructs comments and trust me, this will always be an evergreen post in my opinion.

Kevin Duncan wrote a guest post for Jon Morrow this summer that I found one of the best written on the topic of blog commenting but gives you a lot of examples of the right and the wrong ways to go about commenting.  I was flattered when he used one of my comments as an example of the right way to comment so be sure to read his post “The Ultimate Guide to Writing Comments That Open Doors with Popular Bloggers” if you want more help.

IMPORTANT:  I want to mention one more thing about commenting and this is for your own blog.  When someone comments and we have NO idea you responded then don’t be surprised when you find this isn’t working for you.

You need to put something in place so that when we comment on your post we’ll get some sort of notification that you responded.  That’s the only way to keep the conversations going because we read a LOT of blog posts and comment on a lot of blogs throughout just one single week.  You should make this easy on us so without this in place, don’t be surprised if you don’t get the results you had expected.

Part of The Confusion

Through my Build a Blog Community course and my consulting business I’m able to help my customers and clients head on with all their questions and concerns when it comes to blog commenting.

For the rest of you though I thought I’d take this time and just answer some of the questions that I know a lot of people still have that I have not yet addressed.

How does commenting on people’s content help me?

STOP thinking about the traffic and STOP thinking about the backlinks.  Instead, start concentrating on getting in front of those people who either are your target audience or cater to an audience similar to your own.

You want to get noticed and your main goal should be to build relationships with other bloggers.  Some of them will be your peers, some will be influencers and if you’re lucky enough to get some authority bloggers to take notice than that’s pretty cool to.

This is a people business and people prefer to work with those that they first off know, like and trust but also they feel are competent to help them in the areas that they need the most assistance.  Just commenting for the sake of getting in front of people won’t benefit you.

You want to build a relationship with other bloggers because those relationships will benefit you much more than anything else you could possibly do.

That’s how this can help you.

I don’t feel comfortable commenting on other people’s posts. I feel like I have nothing to contribute.

Just be yourself, be open, share your thoughts about what you read, if you have any experiences to share or if you want to know more information share that too.

We all started at the very beginning and like I mentioned above, I had the same fears.  Had I not moved past those fears though I wouldn’t be where I am today.

You can do this, I promise.

What do I say when I comment on someone’s post that will help me stand out from others?  Is that something that can be learned?

Do you want to know what will help you stand out?  Just be yourself, be genuine, be truthful, be caring, be kind and as I mentioned above, add value.  All that means is add to the conversation, share your experiences if you have any, share your results if you have any, share what you just learned and be sure to thank them for their help.

I’m confused about the backlink issue when it comes to commenting.  What does that all mean?

It depends on what commenting system you use but I use the regular WordPress system but in addition to that I have the CommentLuv Premium plugin.

What CommentLuv allows me to do is I’m able to give a commenter a dofollow or nofollow link.  When they put their name in the name field and their Twitter ID in that field, those are automatically nofollow links.  As in the image below, everything in red is a nofollow link.

NoFollow Links

CommentLuv gives that commenter an opportunity to leave a link to one of their post or pages that they would like my readers to see.  I’m able to control those comments and links.  If you’re new to my blog then you will NOT get any links period until you’ve commented 10 times.  From that moment forward I have the option of giving you a link and/or making it dofollow or nofollow.

When you have more than 30% of dofollow links in your comments that are NOT in your niche then Google frowns upon that.  They benefit from helping their audience find relevant information they’re searching for.  When you have more links on your blog that are not relevant to what you share then that will hurt your ranking.

Do you know if your links are dofollow or nofollow?  All you have to do is go to Google and search for an extension for your browser that will check this for you.

Any more questions I can answer? 

Do you have any particular questions you’d like to ask me about blog commenting that I may not have covered here?  Just be sure to ask that in the comments below and of course I’ll be sure to answer your question to the best of my ability.

I Love Blog Commenting

If you blog then you need traffic but you don’t want just any old traffic.  You want traffic that is targeted to your specific niche so you want to concentrate on getting in front of that audience.

Blog commenting can help you in that way and because of the types of comments that you leave it can help you get noticed.

Does everyone respond to comments left on their blog or handle them in the way I’ve just shared?

The answer to that is unfortunately no.

They either don’t understand the power behind them or they don’t care.

In that case I would think it’s pretty safe to say that they’re probably not interested in building a relationship with you so unless you want to connect with that person in some other way, I wouldn’t waste my valuable time.

I’ve mentioned several times in this post that you need to concentrate on the connections you can make and the relationships you can build.

Remember, this is a people business so when the people you connect with know that you’re eager to help them then they will pay much more attention to you then someone who just comments and you never hear from them again.

Take it a step further and share their content on social media.  If you’re visiting the blogs and reading the content that’s benefiting you then just know that your friends and followers will appreciate learning this information as well.

Blog commenting put me on the map and still to this day continues to get me a lot of attention.  It’s helped me build strong and wonderful connections, friendships and relationships with other bloggers, influencers and authority figures.

It’s helped me create my course and build my business to where it is today.  I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

I hope you found this information helpful and again, if you have any questions that I may not have addressed or answered as well as I should then be sure to share those with me in the comment section below.

I’m always eager to help you learn and grow.  I hope this information I’ve shared has benefited you in some small way.

Here’s to your success and have fun blog commenting.

For all of my fabulous friends who live here in the good ole USA, Happy Thanksgiving and may you have a wonderful celebration with your family and/or friends.






Adrienne Smith
Blogging Consultant

P.S.  I fully support CommentLuv Premium so should you choose to purchase this amazing plugin through my link I will make a commission. 

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