Why You Are Never Too Old To BlogBy the time most women hit middle age you would think they have their lives together right!

Some have families, children, a great job, a nice house and a fancy car.

Maybe life isn’t all that great though behind those closed doors.

Maybe divorce has been something you’ve been considering or you’ve been extremely unhappy with your career and are eager to do something different.

That’s what happened to me back in late 2006.

For over 31 years I was in the secretarial field having worked my way up to the position of executive assistant to presidents and owners of companies.

I preferred the smaller companies because I wasn’t just a number, I was a person.

Unfortunately there were bankruptcies and downsizes along the way and they continued to happen throughout my entire career.

I was always having to find a new job and the most I was with a company was seven years.

In January of 2007 our company did the obvious, they downsized and I was released from my position with a really nice severance package.  That’s when I decided I wasn’t returning to corporate America ever again.

Building A Business Online

That’s how so many people find themselves online today.

I had no desire to open any type of brick and mortar business.  There wasn’t anything in particular I really wanted to do at that time so I felt there were more opportunities online.

Starting over is a scary thing when for the last 30 some odd years you’ve had a career that not only supported you but afforded you some really nice things.

I’m not the person who is comfortable with change and I’m a planner.  I’ve never left one job without having another one lined up so this was a huge move for me.

I don’t suggest anyone doing this of course because building a business online requires a lot of your time, hard work and you are not going to see immediate profits.

What I will tell you though is that it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done and it was so worth all the heartache and misery I went through in order to get me to where I am today.

Having a business of your own where you’re fully supporting yourself and even making more than you ever did in corporate America, well it doesn’t get more rewarding than that.

Where Blogging Fits In

Most people who have an online business aren’t quite sure how blogging fits into this and/or why they should start a blog.

More businesses started incorporating blogging because having a website alone was no longer enough.  The search engines love fresh new quality content and you can’t achieve that with just a website.

Although that’s the main reason businesses started blogging, as we all know, nothing ever stays the same.

Due to the massive amount of scammers online, people rarely buy on impulse anymore.  I’m sure you’re careful who you buy from as well right?  We may still trust sites like Amazon or Overstock but what about the individual?  What about the smaller companies?

Most people will research a product they are considering purchasing before they buy them.  Most of the time a website isn’t enough and that’s where blogs come in.

I gathered some statistics I thought you might find interesting to back up my claim:

Blogging, No Matter Your Age

Most women don’t like to tell their age and I’ve never really understood why.

I’m one of those that’s not bashful because I’ve earned every single wrinkle I have and moment up to this point.

I’m 57 years young and to me, age is just a number.  I feel the same today as I did back when I was in my 30’s, imagine that.

I started blogging back in 2008 at the age of 50 and even though it was very intimidating to me, I eventually got over all of that.

My blog started really exploding in early 2011 and I’ve never looked back.  Due to what I’ve learned and how it’s progressed I now do consulting to help people like you understand how you can incorporate this into your business and start making a positive impact.

If I can blog just as I hit my prime and have success then so can you.

All it takes is to understand how blogging really works, how to get in front of your target audience and how to make those very important connections.

You don’t have to struggle anymore.  You’re not alone in this and you don’t have to waste precious time trying to figure this out all on your own.

If you’re ready to take that step then just click here and let me be the one to show you the way.

I also want to thank you for stopping by and reading my post.  I hope you now understand the importance of blogging and how it can really benefit your business.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on this subject so be sure to leave me a comment below.  I also always appreciate it when you share my content with your friends.  Maybe they’re in the same place and just need that extra incentive.

Are you ready to go rock the blogging world?






Adrienne Smith
Blogging Consultant

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