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2012 Is The Year Of No Excuses

by Adrienne Smith on April 2, 2012

2012 Is The Year Of No ExcusesLast month I made the confession that I love to watch Realty TV.  I have a few that are my favorites and one of them is “The Biggest Loser”.  It’s truly inspiring to watch all those contestants who are morbidly obese regain their lives back.

My heart goes out to a lot of them which is why I’ve come to enjoy this show so much.  Watching them triumph over not only their weight but attack the problems that caused it in the first place.

The Year Of No Excuses

This season on The Biggest Loser is all about no excuses.  People use excuses for not following through with everything.  For these contestant some of those excuses may consist of:

  • I can’t afford to eat healthy
  • I don’t have time to exercise
  • Gaining weight is heredity
  • No time to cook healthy meals
  • I am too old to lose weight
  • I have thyroid problems
  • Diets are not effective for me
  • Being obese is my fate
  • The gym is too far
  • I don’t like exercise

Sound Familiar

The excuses part that is, not just the being overweight.

Watching this show always reminds me of the excuses I hear from people quite often as to why they aren’t succeeding in their business.  I know a lot of that may consist of some of the same things I’ve been through which is why up to this point I had failed so miserably in network marketing.

I can’t speak for everyone else but here is what I have learned.  You can get lots of traffic to your site, have the best copywriting enticing people in, have tons of leads opt-in but if you don’t know how to close them and get them into your opportunity then all of that is in vain.

People Joining People

When I was first introduced to network marketing I was told that it’s all about people joining people. I get that because like in the corporate world, who wants to work with someone they don’t like or have anything in common with!

Having some sort of a connection with that person you’re going to be working closely with is a must. It’s like choosing the people you would like to go on vacation with.  I mean this is all about having fun while you’re building a business.

In the past I mainly went with the people that I liked without even considering all the rest.  I just assumed it would all fall into place or that together we would be able to find those missing parts.  Man oh man was I ever wrong.

In my post where I shared with you how I was able to stop failing in network marketing I also shared with you all that I recently joined Terry Petrovick’s team.  Although I wasn’t looking to move, I could relate to Terry.  I was blown away at how genuine he is, how much he cares about his team, how he’s in this to actually help people just like I love doing.  Sure, he’s a seven figure income earner in this industry but at the same time, he’s just a regular guy who loves his family and wants the best for them. Isn’t that what we all want?

I had heard a lot of really great things about Numis.  Not only is it a great company but their product is outstanding.  Let’s not forget that the owners, Chris Kent and Jake Kevorkian, have been creating compensation plans for network marketing companies for years.  I guess you can image then that they’ve definitely made sure that this one is the best.  Oh yeah!

On top of that, their support has been truly exceptional and I even received a call the other day congratulating me for making it to a certain level.  That’s never happened to me before. I’m also going to definitely brag about my training and support.  Imagine this.

Plan Of Action

You join with someone you really like and admire and all of the other key elements are definitely in place.  You are instantly given directions on how to start and not only that, asked what your strengths are and how do you want to build your business.  Has anyone ever done that for you?

Based upon what you want to do, a plan is set in motion but as we all know, it’s up to you to execute that plan.  There are no excuses from this point forward.  If you need help and assistance, it’s here for you along with our three step plan for getting you signing up key players in the first seven days.

The support and training is the most amazing I’ve received up to this point.  I know for me what has been lacking is the direction.  I’ve learned a lot since joining the online industry as far as marketing, blogging, social media, video marketing, you name it.  All of these will now be able to help me as well as the closing skills I’ve been missing this entire time.

The Year Of No Excuses

2012 is the year of no excuses don’t you agree?  Isn’t this your year?  Don’t you believe that it’s finally your time to shine?  Your time to prove to your family and friends that you can make it just as big as some of these bigger names in this industry?  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in 11 opportunities before this time, Ray Higdon proved that you can finally make it big when you’ve found the right one.

Stop with the excuses guys if that is what you’ve been doing all this time.  You have to decide today, right now if you want a better life for you and your family.  As the saying goes, if you continue doing what you’ve always done you’ll continue getting the same old results.  Isn’t it time to step it up a notch?  Aren’t you ready to put all those excuses behind you and get in the game?

One thing I can say for sure is that I’m here to help.  If you see yourself ready to move in the right direction and you’ve been searching for all those things to fall into place like I’ve just mentioned here, let’s talk.  It’s only the beginning of April and we have nine more months to go in this year.  It’s definitely possible to do some serious damage in nine months time.

Are You Ready?

I don’t know about you but I’ve finally found my home.  I’ve found a supportive team and mentor so there is no stopping me now.  I hope that you feel the same way and are ready to put all those excuses aside.  Won’t you join me?

Think how much fun we can have as we make our way to the top.  2012 is my year guys, let’s make it yours too.

If you enjoyed this post then be sure to comment below and spread the love.  I always enjoy hearing from you.





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Skype:  missadriennesmith



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1 Sylviane Nuccio
April 2, 2012 at 8:36 AM

Hi Adrienne,

I like your new opt-in 😉 by the way!

People are full of excuses. I have to admit that I deal with such people on a regular basis and sometimes I have had it with them :)

Being raised with a single mother (widow) which raised two children, working 12-15 hours a day (at home job) cooking (real food), cleaning, sewing and even doing some voluntary work ALL at once, I guess I was taught (by action) that excuses are BS.

So, I don’t even take credit for it, it all goes to my mother, but people are really full of BS to me when they make all kind of excuses, because I can’t help but remember my mother who never, ever made excuses and she did it all :)

Have a fantastic day!


2 Adrienne Smith
April 2, 2012 at 8:44 AM

Hi Sylviane,

Ah thanks… I won a custom opt-in box contest but I guess he decided to drop off the face of the earth. It’s been probably three weeks now since he sent me that draft and I haven’t heard from him since so I got tired of waiting. Just wanted something different so tada… :-)

I know the feeling Sylviane, I use to have a lot of friends that were all talk and no action. Drove me nuts..

Your Mom sounds a lot like mine although she was not a single parent. She was a hard worker as was my Dad. Always had home cooked meals and she did work a full time job as well after my youngest brother turned six. She was always there cleaning the house, doing the laundry for a family of five, cooking the meals, you name it. I can only imagine your Mom having to do it all alone.

I believe that the excuses are only because we really don’t want to achieve certain things. I think some people have good intentions but not enough drive to see it through. Whatever the reason, the way I look at it is don’t say you’re going to do something if you really have no intention of following through.

Thanks for your comment Sylviane and you have a fabulous day as well as week okay! I’ll be stopping by a few times this week myself for a visit. See you then.


3 Jamella Biegel
April 2, 2012 at 8:44 AM

Hi Adrienne,

I’m ready to make this the year of no excuses as well. Like you said, a lot can be done in 9 months. If anyone on my team isn’t ready to roll, then I’m rolling on anyway. Either they want it or they don’t.

Congrats of joining Terry’s team. I’m sure this will be your year!


4 Adrienne Smith
April 2, 2012 at 9:00 AM

Hi Jamella,

You are so right, nine months is plenty of time to accomplish quite a bit. We all have to want it bad enough and just go for it. I have no doubt you’ll do great things within that time frame as well so together we will persevere… Just in different companies! :-)

Thanks Jamella and I wish you the best as well. Now, let’s get cracking shall we!


5 Ryan Biddulph April 2, 2012 at 8:55 AM

Making excuses created such low energy excuses in my life, I simply quit a while back. Quit making excuses that is. So now Adrienne I might write 8, 700 word posts a day between my 2 blogs, while doing my personal development while still traveling Southeast Asia. How? I set an intent and never make excuses, I just do it.

Not a machine here but I do keep committed, because I felt so lousy and was so broke when I wasn’t committed, I figured this was a fun way to live. Commit. Do it. No excuses.

Thanks for sharing.


6 Adrienne Smith
April 2, 2012 at 9:04 AM

Wow Ryan, you do sound like a machine. That’s a lot to accomplish my friend and all while you’re still traveling.

I know throughout my life I would make excuses for things but I know it’s because I was afraid of the unknown. Sometimes I’m not quite sure why because like most people say, it’s not going to kill you. I mean if doing something outside your comfort zone could actually kill you then that’s one thing. If not then you just need to go for it. I’ve learned over the last three years to just go for it. Like you, it sure does feel so much more rewarding.

I applaud you Ryan for all that you’ve been able to achieve. You are living proof that if we can just take action without the excuses, things will fall into place for us. It’s been a wonderful experience that’s for sure.

Thank you so much for sharing that with me. Wow, that’s motivating.


7 Harleena Singh
April 2, 2012 at 8:55 AM

Sounds so familiar Adrienne!

You are absolutely right about the various excuses each one of makes, due to whatever reasons- but those are excuses that we ourselves have to learn to overcome.

That is how those people do in the show The Biggest Loser get going or get motivated to start working on themselves.

Speaking of myself, most of these excuses sound so familiar to me, as I do make them to be very honest. But then I remind myself that if I carry on making these excuses, my work will never get done and I can never proceed further. That positive mind-set and push is something we need to give ourseleves, as no one else is oging to come to our resuce- isn’t it?

Nice to know more about network marketing that sure is about people joining people who really matter and are related to your niche. And yes, building relationships is how best you connect more with one another. I am so glad you are liking Terry’s team and enjoying working with him, along with working with him.

This sure is the year of no excuses, in-fact there should be no excuses in our daily lives too – isn’t yet? Yeah- easier said than done, but you do need to give yourself that move ahead signal and proceed with things.

Wishing you all the very best with your new venture that sure sounds exciting, and we would love to hear more about it as you proceed with it.

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful post with us. :)


8 Adrienne Smith
April 2, 2012 at 9:09 AM

Hi Harleena,

I think we’ve all been there one time or another making excuses as to why we aren’t where we want whether it has to do with our weight, certain goals or in our life.

That’s why personal development is so important to us all. It can help us understand that a lot of what we have been taught was just wrong. If we put our mind to something that we really want to achieve and give it our all, we can do it. As I have learned through this experience though is that support, mentoring and a great team sure can be extremely helpful with you moving forward within that time frame you have allotted for yourself.

Excuses are just our way of saying to ourselves that it’s really not that important to us. If it was, we’d just do it right! If we want something bad enough we’d just do it. So what it all boils down to is how bad do you really want something. Me!!! I’m going for it, this is my time.

Thanks Harleena for your vote of confidence and sharing that with me. Maybe it’s finally time to put all those excuses aside just do it.

Always appreciate seeing you and you have a beautiful week okay!


9 Pauline Bennett
April 2, 2012 at 8:10 AM

Hi Adrienne

Thanks for another great post! I have been there in the past making excuses why my business was not taking off, I think I did not have the correct mindset and I was trying to do it alone.
I then discovered a mentor and changed the way I was thinking and boy what a difference it made :)
Of course I am still learning and always will be, there is so much to achieve (I have started on my “to do” list for 2012 but have not got as far as I would have liked by now!) but I am determined that this will be a great year for me, and I hope to pass the knowledge I have gained to others just starting their journey!

Have a wonderful day


10 Adrienne Smith
April 2, 2012 at 8:21 AM

Hi Pauline,

I know what you mean. I “thought” I had the correct mindset… I thought because I was positive that was enough but I soon learned that I still had some uncertainty hidden deep down that I really wasn’t aware of at the time. I still had work to do on myself.

Those mentors are priceless aren’t they? I wish I would have gone that direction sooner but better late then never.

You are on the right path Pauline and I have no doubt that you’ll accomplish everything you set out to achieve. I can wait to hear what you’ll be sharing with us along the way.

I appreciate you stopping by today and do have a wonderful week okay!



11 Jason Fonceca
April 2, 2012 at 9:27 AM

Beautiful Adrienne!

Ryze is all about a life of no excuses, and there’s no better time to start than now :)

Having a supportive team is so immensely valuable and appreciated, I dont even know what to say. 😀

Thanks for this post, I’m glad you’re on the net, helping us all, and I love that you found your team :)

Here’s a question: When humanity gets together for a ’cause, aren’t they automatically a ‘team’?

Rock on and ryze up!


12 Adrienne Smith
April 2, 2012 at 9:32 AM

Well hey Jason…

I know your blog is all about inspiring and helping people to be the best they can be. So hopefully it can also help them plow through all those excuses that continue to arise just when we’re on the verge of accomplishing something.

I know that a mentor and team environment has been a key turning point for me. I’ve been doing some of what I was suppose to do but not always in the right way. The direction and support has been extremely beneficial to my growth and I know that if others can find that same support, there is no stopping them either.

Thanks Jason for your continued support my friend. Always a pleasure to hear from you. You’re always so positive and uplifting. :-)

Have a beautiful week!


13 Ruth Zive
April 2, 2012 at 8:42 AM

We are on the same wavelength, my friend. Today marks the one year anniversary since I ventured out on my own, and I posted about this very topic on my blog. I’m thinking big – setting really ambitious, lofty goals. No excuses. Let’s hold each other accountable Adrienne! We can do it!!!


14 Adrienne Smith
April 2, 2012 at 8:57 AM

Today is your one year anniversary? Congratulations Ruth, that’s fabulous! I’m so excited for you.. You have achieved so much in just a short period of time, I applaud you for all your accomplishments. You’ve got me beat by miles young lady but this is my year of no excuses and I’ve done a few things outside my comfort zone already but it’s paying off so that just goes to show that you have to do some things you aren’t real comfortable with in order to get the results you want.

We most definitely will hold each other accountable for sure.

I’ll be by your place shortly so see you there!


15 Barry Wells
April 2, 2012 at 9:54 AM

Hi Adrienne,

I can so relate to this post, not just for being over weight :)

On that front I do make excuses as to why I can’t get out there and push myself for an hour a day. I’m 3 stone over my “normal” weight and want to lose it so badly. BUT I am taking action to overcome that. I’ve recently started back with wheelchair basketball, which is going well and I can feel the benefits when I can hardly move on a Saturday morning. Some teams mates have also commented on my improvement in strength, speed and accuracy so things are improving (even if the waist line isn’t saying so…… YET :)

However, once a week isn’t enough to lose the weight I want to lose, soooooooooo I’ve been a bought a new gear shift for my hand cycle which I’ll be fitting during the week ahead and I WILL get back on my bike throughout the summer to improve my strength and lose the extra weight I put on whilst I was house bound due to a badly broken leg.

That’s my weight covered now for business:

When I first started online I was in my little bubble (as we’ve previously discussed) and when things got too tough I would look for excuses to take me away from my work. I put those times down as playing at being an internet marketer and wasted a couple of years doing that.

I really had to kick myself up the pants and face the facts that I had to get a mentor to show me the error of my ways and how to achieve what I want to achieve.

I’ve still got away to go to reach that achievement Adrienne but I know that and don’t make excuses any more, well not about work anyway 😉

Thanks Adrienne, have a great week my friend.

Respect and Regards,


16 Adrienne Smith
April 2, 2012 at 10:15 AM

Hi Barry,

I think sometimes we just get in our comfort zone and get lazy. Always thinking we’ll start tomorrow. But then tomorrow comes and we still haven’t found that drive and determination to do it.

I was always overweight as a kid, just a little pudgy. It took me getting engaged to be married to drive me to losing the weight. I always wanted to be a certain size when I walked down that isle so that was definitely the motivation to get me there and I did. Lose the weight that is, the marriage never happened.

Over time I’ve kept it off but I’ve gone through two very difficult periods in my life where I gained the weight back. I had to find it in my mind though to come to terms with everything and finally say enough is enough and get that weight back off. So I’ve kept it off all these years because I just do not want to be overweight. I know the older we get, the harder it will become. I understand where you’re coming from but you are back into the wheelchair basketball so the rest will fall into place for you Barry. Sounds like you have other things up your sleeve as well. I have no doubt. You seemed very determined.

I can relate to you there too Barry. I found things hard and just didn’t understand so I would slack off and not do as much. Make those excuses but then a few days would go by and I would realize that I’m not going to get any further by sitting on my hands. It may not be easy but we aren’t getting anywhere if we aren’t moving forward right!

Thanks for sharing that with me Barry. I know that we definitely have a lot in common as far as our journey’s are concerned. I know that we both though are headed in the right direction. I sure would love to work with you. I think we would make an awesome team! :-)

Enjoy your week Barry and can’t wait to hear who won the video challenge. How exciting.


17 Sonia
April 2, 2012 at 10:50 AM

You’re right on all accounts. Lord knows I have said a few myself. You know when it comes down to it, people make time for what they want to do and don’t make time for what they don’t want to do. My father use to tell me that all the time when I was in high school and he was right.

I look at the things I know I need to get to and the things I completely ignore because I don’t want to make time for it. Thank god for good friends like you to kick me in the butt (nicely) and encourage me to get back to basics and just get it done. I have my to-do list already written out for the week and my goal is to conquer it.


18 Adrienne Smith
April 2, 2012 at 1:27 PM

Hi Sonia,

Your Dad was SO right! There are things that we know need to be done in order to either accomplish certain things or move us in a different direction. Sometimes we can’t see the end result or we put it off thinking we’ll get to it later but that day never comes.

I think that we as your friend see the huge potential in you so by doing a few things that will move you in that direction we know it’s for your own good and maybe you just aren’t feeling it at that particular moment. Knowing that we’ll hold you accountable makes us want to do it even more. The end result usually always ends up being worth it though!

Thanks for sharing that Sonia and you know we love you. ♥


19 Bill Dorman
April 2, 2012 at 12:23 PM

Yes, but……isn’t that the first way to start an excuse?

Like you, I have no problem being social and getting to ‘know’ people. However, as we both know, that doesn’t necessarily equate to dollars just because you ‘know’ someone.

In my industry the hardest thing to do bar none is getting that first appointment; how can you be compelling enough over all of the other noise that a business owner will take time out of his busy day to meet with you.

Because I have networked well and do ‘know’ a lot of people, my biggest challenge is making the ‘ask’ for that appointment. Sometimes you are hesitant because you don’t want to hear ‘no’, but guess what, if you never ask you will never get the appointment either.

I don’t know how this relates to your business model but I’m guessing at some point of all you do, you still have to make the ‘ask’. People aren’t just going to knock your door down just because of your mad skills in this arena, right.

It sounds like you have it figured out however and I know 2012 will kick serious butt for you.

When you reach that 7 figure level; fly us all out to your crib and we will party like it’s 1999.

I hope you have a great week.


20 Adrienne Smith
April 2, 2012 at 1:35 PM

We always know those buts are coming right Bill! :-)

I’ve been going through that a lot these past several weeks. I’ve gotten over my fear to ask and like my post I wrote last month about going for no, I know they’re coming. Only those with a little bit of interest will set an appointment so I’ve learned that there is no harm in asking. I’m no longer attached to the outcome.

Socially though, making those connections can eventually pay off with either them joining me in my business, referring me to people who would like to join or the possibility of later down the road realizing that they’re going nowhere and want to come along for the ride. You’ll always have those that are here just for the social aspect of getting to know you. That’s okay because I love people but I’ll only spend time with them when I can find the time now. Like you said, social doesn’t equate to making money and that is why I’m here.

Oh hon, we’re all going to party big time when I hit that 7 figure level. I still doubt I’ll have a big crib so let’s all go on a cruise or something. That would be so much fun.

Thanks Bill for stopping by and have a fabulous week my friend. Go get you some clients and I’ll do the same. :-)


21 Annie Andre
April 2, 2012 at 3:22 PM

Excuses excuses excueses. They can seem so real and so debiliatingin. I should know i deal with excuses all day long from my two older boys. It really takes a mental mind shift to just push them aside and say “NO EXCUSE IS GONNA STOP ME!!!!” So i hear you.. i actually have no patience for excuses. I know it sounds harsh but that’s just the way i feel.

And by the way, i’m totally going to be hanging on your coat tails looking for table scraps cause i know you are going even more places than you’ve already been.
love the new opt in box. The other one was good but this one has a strong call to action…. I would tell you if it didn’t.

hugs kisses and all that good stuff. Say hi to Kayla… xoxoxxoxo


22 Adrienne Smith
April 2, 2012 at 3:46 PM

I agree with you Annie.. Although I’m by no means perfect, I’m more of a doer then a talker. I will admit when I fall down on the job at least but I give it my all and go for it. I’ve had so many friend in my life that are all talk and no action. Most of the men that were in my life were the same way which is why I don’t have any in my life now. It drives me insane to be honest with you so I guess you could say it’s one of my pet peeves.

Girl, you hang on as long as you want and I’m doing the same with you. We may be headed in different directions but I’m with you all the way. What you are doing is SO exciting and if you decide to stay in France for any length of time you better watch out. You just may have a visitor someday show up on your doorstep wanting a place to stay. I don’t take up much space you know! :-)

Ah thanks.. Has Martin done yours yet because the last draft I got was three weeks ago so I got tired of waiting on him. Just played around with it because I don’t know how to create anything fancy. Not sure what happened to him but oh well.

Hugs and kisses to you too girl and I’ll be sure to pass some along to Kayla! :-) She’s LOVE that!


23 Annie Andre
April 3, 2012 at 2:39 AM

I think i must have that same pet peeve Adrienne.. Luckily my hubby isn’t like that but if her were we would be DIVORCED!!! Well, maybe not divorced but i would have to do some serious re-training on him…

Martin……hmmmmmm, i was waiting to see what he did with your and now i just totally forgot about him so it’s too late to do any of that now… I’m pretty happy with my opt in box at the moment so i’m in no hurry…

We’re going to have some heavy coat tails between the two of us.. i think we are going in different directions but there is plenty of overlap… Well not plenty but you know what i mean..


24 Adrienne Smith
April 3, 2012 at 8:14 AM

You were very fortunate to grab Blake, you’re blessed. I know my mindset was not in the right place all these years, I learned that some time back but I’m just so use to being alone that I enjoy it more now. I just can’t tolerate that at all girl, no way.

Yeah well, Martin has gotten busy doing other things I guess. Hey, if he doesn’t want the recognition for having created a killer opt-in for me then that’s his loss right! So don’t hold your breath waiting on him, I’m sure not.

You are so right Annie, we may be heading in different directions but I do believe there is plenty of overlap. We never know what others want outside of what we are both doing. So I have no doubt that overlapping is destined to happen. Oh yeah!!! :-)


25 Donna Merrill
April 2, 2012 at 8:47 PM

Hi Adrienne, Reading through this blog reminded me of my first Network Marketing team. I had so many excuses that I dropped out. What I learned from this experience was that I wasn’t even talking to my “leader” ergo no leadership was there. I just was out there all by myself without any training except “go for it” the “elevator speech” and things like that. There wasn’t anyone who I could reach out to. So I blamed myself and used many excuses.

Now, I’ve learned that it really wasn’t so much my fault because I was new and didn’t know a thing about marketing. The company I was with wasn’t supportive and I didn’t really know the person I signed in with.

What you said above is so important. We have to like the people we work with. So now, years later, I’ve learned that lesson.

This is the year of no excuses for me personally because I have a daily method of operation that is working. With so much to do, I farm out some things, and do the rest myself. The one thing I did change is my exercise program. I do go to the gym now without excuses why I cannot make it. That is a milestone for me.

In business, there is no excuses for me not to fit in everything I need to achieve my goals.
Thanks for the wonderful Idea of No Excuses!
Now when I find myself making them, I am going to think of you!


26 Adrienne Smith
April 2, 2012 at 9:42 PM

Hey Donna,

Sounds like we had similar situations accept my sponsor’s left so I didn’t know who to talk to. I know as you mentioned those can sound like excuses so I definitely admit not being the smartest person when it came to who to contact or where to go. Talk about lost and confused. But look at it this way, both of us are still here right!

I think a lot of it for beginners isn’t our fault, you are right. We are driven and determined, we just don’t know who to talk to, where to go for support or training. Ah, I’m so glad I’m past that new stage.

I admire you for sticking with your workout routine. I’m not a big exercise person but I do walk every day and have been for years now. I may have a moment every once in awhile where I’m really lazy and just don’t want to go but I remember that it’s not just for me, it’s for Kayla my four legged daughter. She gets tired of hanging around in the house all day so it’s her time to escape. Now if the weather is bad we won’t go but other than that, absolutely.

Glad I could help you Donna in being in your head. Not that you’ll need it I’m sure. :-)

Always appreciate your comment Donna, it’s a pleasure… Enjoy your week.


27 Craig McBreen
April 2, 2012 at 11:20 PM

Hi Adrienne,

I like the way you’re thinking here! I’ve been at this for about seven months now, and you know what? Things are really starting to come together. especially mission and purpose. Blogging like a madman and things are finally starting to gel.

I mean you and I already have our own unique flavor, right? 😉 That’s the fun part, but when it all starts to click, that’s really something. But you already know that. I’m still at the tail wagging stage. :)

That’s the great thing about this blogging venture. It’s really changed my direction entirely and it’s changed my life. Oh, enough about me …

You motivate me and I love your posts. Always some actionable advice here.

Hope you have a great one, Madam!

Oh, and Adrienne, I’m done with excuses, that’s for sure.


28 Adrienne Smith
April 3, 2012 at 8:09 AM

Hi Craig,

I believe that for you, blogging was inevitable. As you said, it’s changed your life. You already have a successful business so with blogging and social media, you’ve just put yourself out there in front of so many other people who are here to help motivate you and root you on to even greater things. I admire you for jumping in and just going for it.

As you said, we both have our own style but that’s the great thing about blogging and what I try to share with people. We are all unique in our own way and will connect with people based on that. So ring in your own voice and shout from the rooftops.

Hey Craig, no excuses my friend. I know that we are going for it so let’s see who else we can get to join in.

Have a fabulous week okay! :-)


29 Craig McBreen
April 3, 2012 at 1:57 PM


Posts like this help keep the motor running. Or revving high, I should say :)


30 Adrienne Smith
April 3, 2012 at 2:30 PM

I agree Craig, that kick in the pants that we all need from time to time. Glad we are on the same wavelength. :-)


31 Janet Callaway
April 2, 2012 at 10:46 PM

Adrienne, aloha. Let me begin by saying how happy I am for you that you have found a home. What a difference it makes when you find that perfect fit.

Adrienne, this is the paragraph for me that stood out:

“Based upon what you want to do, a plan is set in motion but as we all know, it’s up to you to execute that plan. There are no excuses from this point forward. If you need help and assistance, it’s here for you along with our three step plan for getting you signing up key players in the first seven days.”

People need to know what they want and then take action. If they don’t take the action, it’s neither the upline’s fault nor the company’s fault. Responsibility for taking action and building that business to make dreams come true rests squarely with each individual.

In terms of getting over the fact that some people will say no, when you remember that they weren’t in your business before you asked, it becomes much easier because you realize you have not lost anything by asking. That being said, I do recognize that people delay asking because they don’t want that “no” and would rather think the person is “out there” waiting to join them.

The first quarter of the year and you are charging full steam ahead on you No Excuses resolution. Congratulations.

Best wishes for a week that makes your heart sing with excitement and possibilities. Until next time, aloha. Janet


32 Adrienne Smith
April 3, 2012 at 8:06 AM

Hi Janet,

I know I must sound like a broken record right! I’m just so overwhelmed and joyed that yes, I have finally found that home. I just want everyone else to be able to have the same thing because I know for a fact that if they want it bad enough, they can have it too.

You are so right about the taking action part Janet. I know that for me in the past I was taking the action but it was the wrong kind mainly because I didn’t have the support or direction for what I needed to be doing. So I now understand that there are plenty of motivated individuals out there who are probably where I was but are just searching for that key ingredient. Of course we also know there are plenty that once again are all talk and no action so for those I don’t have much for them I’m afraid.

Thank you Janet and I hope that everyone will implement this No Excuses year and let’s all just go for it. Full steam ahead because there is no place but up.

I always appreciate your comments Janet and I have you on my list to visit today so I’ll be seeing you soon. Until then, enjoy your day as well and make it the best week ever! :-)


33 Ashvini
April 3, 2012 at 3:37 AM

Hey Adrienne,

I have been hearing from people and the format is simple ” I cannot do …… because……”. And these are not tasks like parachuting from a plane. They are pretty or slightly difficult stuff that could be handled with a little planning. Just like inertia which opposes movement, they keep on waiting for things to happen. I have also heard positive excuse, “I could do … if I had….”.
Surely some people do get a head-start but life is like a marathon not a sprint.
Sometimes it disappoints me because capable people leave their dreams in between ( sometimes they do have genuine reasons but most often they are just excuses).
I am glad that you have taken up calls to arms against excuse. I hope it is going to change a lot of lives.
Happy to read the post and thanks for it.


34 Adrienne Smith
April 3, 2012 at 8:19 AM

Hey Ashvini,

I’m with ya Ashvini on those excuses. I was one of those that said, “I could do … if I had…”. Know what I did? I kept going until it came into my life so I’m able to continue on. I believe some people just enjoy excuses because they don’t really want something bad enough. Thank God I’m not that person and I truly believe there are plenty more out there that are just like me you know!

It makes me sad really.. So many people are capable of such great things but they just don’t apply themselves enough. They would give up because they’ve found it’s not always easy. Whoever said it would be? Greatness isn’t easy no matter how you look at it. But it sure is worth it.

Thank you for your comment and adding to this conversation Ashvini. You of all people are one of those that have no excuses. You go for what you want and there is no holding you back. I so admire you for that and I appreciate you as well.

You have a fabulous week okay! I’ll be by your place soon.


35 Betsy Cross April 3, 2012 at 4:28 AM

I make excuses when the commitment just doesn’t feel right and I can’t explain why. Yesterday I saw something for the first time, how to simplify and focus my efforts. I saw some distractions and made some decisions that I was able to see when I focused on one simple goal.
Fear and discomfort moving forward are always coupled with excitement. I’m used to that. But in this faster paced world of technology it’s harder to get used to what’s a help and what’s a distraction.
So, I definitely see excuses as a tool I use to delay commitment when I’m not sure. I think I’m getting better about seeing when those excuses are really just fears in disguise!
Thanks Adrienne!


36 Adrienne Smith
April 3, 2012 at 8:24 AM

Hi Betsy,

So nice to have you stop by.

I agree, if the commitment isn’t something you truly want and feel very strongly about then there is no reason for following through or moving on. But I’m thrilled to hear that you are taking the time to distinguish which one is fear and which ones are just distractions. I applaud you Betsy!

Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate that.

Have a beautiful day and week okay! Always a pleasure to see you.



37 Optimistic Mom April 3, 2012 at 10:26 AM

I usually just read via email and rarely comment. But since the post title today is no excuses, I thought I would take a moment to say I appreciate all your helpful posts, in addition to this one. I think sometimes people come up with so many excuses that honestly the task could have been complete if the same energy for excuses was used for action. This year, I have been working more of getting things done instead of talking about it…..


38 Adrienne Smith
April 3, 2012 at 12:18 PM

Well I’m so happy to hear that you stopped by today and commented on my post. I think that post title catches a lot of attention wouldn’t you agree?

You are so right, couldn’t have said that better myself. If we put as much energy into just doing it instead of complaining, look how much we would have accomplished by now. There is always today to start though right!

I’ll wish you the best with getting things done this year. Just remember this headline when you start to slip. :-)


39 Peter April 3, 2012 at 12:59 PM

Hi Adrienne,

Yes, I hope (and secretly know) that 2012 is my year. Just yesterday I wrote into my journal that it will be interesting to read about this time – that is happening right now – in a year from now.

It just keeps getting better and better, at least for me. :)

And congratulations on finding the right support team!


40 Adrienne Smith
April 3, 2012 at 2:24 PM

Hi Peter,

Okay Mr. Positive and Inspirational… There is no “hoping” only knowing. Believing and having that gut instinct like I have all this time. Just knowing that it’s headed your way soon and will show up any day now. So keep that belief and let’s just go for it okay!

Glad you are journaling about that, so am I. Thank you for your support, I’m pretty happy about it too! :-)


41 Jack
April 3, 2012 at 1:17 PM

Hi Adrienne,

I always feel better when I don’t make excuses for where I am falling short. It is painful to admit sometimes that we are our own worst enemy but ultimately we are accountable for quite a bit.

Sure, we can’t control everything that happens but we can control our attitude and what we do about it. We can be proactive or reactive and I prefer the former to the latter.

I am with you- 2012 is a good year that can be great.


42 Adrienne Smith
April 3, 2012 at 2:29 PM

Hey Jack,

I do too, I kick myself a lot. I do get lost a lot too, just not knowing what road to go down or who exactly to turn to. Now this past year I’ve connected with a lot of really special people who I have been able to reach out to which has been very helpful. You know, giving me that kick in the pants to keep me on the right tract. We all need that from time to time is right.

Our attitude is the most important thing. I know for me I’ve never been happy with the time frame things have taken but I’ve always known this is where I’m suppose to me. So keeping a positive attitude and knowing it will show up when it’s suppose to has kept me on the right tract. So like you, I prefer the latter as well.

So onward to making 2012 great shall we? See you at the top Jack!


43 Brad Lees April 3, 2012 at 1:58 PM

Hi Adrienne

A really great post. Having joined Alex Jeffreys’ program last month 2012 will certainly be about no excuses for me – as you well know!

I’ve learned so much already – particularly in terms of mindset – and I feel I’m making real progress. Sure, time is an issue for all of us in full time jobs but we have to find a way to squeeze in some extra time. I had a conversation last week with my boss about changing from a 5-day working week to a 4-day week so I can spend more time on my online work. I have to go back with a proposal which, if agreed, will give me so much more quality time to focus online. Guess I’m lucky to even have that opportunity.

My next hurdle? Creating a product. I started the process today – hope to be complete by the weekend. We’ll see.

Everything I’m learning is great…and another step to achieving my goals in 2102.


44 Adrienne Smith
April 3, 2012 at 2:35 PM

Hi Brad,

Thank you Brad, glad you enjoyed it and you are right. With just having joined Alex’s program it’s time to kick it into gear. There are so many people who will purchase the programs, fiddle around with it a bit but not take action. I’m so happy that you are moving in the right direction.

I feel for you working a full time job but one of my blogging buddies is a doctor and works over 50 hours a week and still is able to put 20 to 25 hours into his business and he has a family to come home to. Now that’s just dedication. He actually loves his profession but is preparing for the time he’ll retire. Smart guy and a great one at that.

You are very fortunate that your boss is willing to work with you. Little does he know why you are wanting to do this right! He might not be too happy when that day comes when you hand over your resignation. Surprise! :-)

Good luck with that product. You got further then I did. Just never knew what I wanted to do and the interviews were not what I was interested in doing. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Thanks Brad and I have no doubt you’ll go a very long way this year.


45 Dan Sumner
April 3, 2012 at 2:49 PM

Hey Adrienne,

It’s great you have found a mentor you can trust and gel well. I bet you are totally 100% focused right now which is cool.

I must admit I am a little behind at the moment, just a few tweeks until my next product launch. The funny thing is I have been waiting for some things to be done, and in that time I have started another two projects. I can’t believe I have taken on 3 products at once again :-0

I promised I wouldn’t do it again as it’s very draining. But like you say non excuses.

Glad you are on track for the best year online Adrienne. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great week.



46 Adrienne Smith
April 3, 2012 at 2:57 PM

Hey Dan,

Oh man, it’s been great. I’m on a roll and busy as all get out. I’m so focused you couldn’t pull me away for anything. I love it!

I hate that when that happens Dan. Getting so wrapped up on work that other things fall by the wayside. I know it’s hard to do everything at once but I can still feel bad when it happens.

Congrats on that next product launch and I have no doubt it will be a good one. Started another two products did you? Wow, you are a busy guy but very focused I’m sure.

Oops, did it again. Well, hopefully you know better and can just schedule your time better and not over extend yourself.

So here is to a year of no excuses. Let’s make it the best ever.

Thanks Dan and you have a great week as well.



47 Dan Sumner
April 3, 2012 at 3:09 PM

I will be fine Adrienne. I have done it before it just takes a little dedication :-)



48 Stacy
April 3, 2012 at 6:54 PM

Hi Adrienne,

Excuses are a killer of any dream or goal that we have. It takes effort and determination to move away from the excuses and find those solutions. Like you mentioned having a mentor is an important part of that process! That outside view is invaluable because we have blind spots and we need someone who can see them for us.

I recently had a birthday and since then I’ve had an attitude of being done with a lot of things that hinder. I want to fight for what I want. I am going to find a way to make it happen. Don’t get in my way! :)



49 Adrienne Smith
April 3, 2012 at 8:41 PM

Hi Stacy,

Very well said Stacy, excuses are dream killers. I honestly believe that if we truly have the drive and determination to get what we want then no amount of excuses will stand in our way. Just like you said that you’re done with some things I think at certain times we just need to get mad about it you know.

For me I’ve hit so many brick walls it’s not even funny. I had my moment of pitty party wondering what the heck but it wasn’t going to stop me from moving toward what I really wanted. I just don’t understand some people who say they want something yet are always making excuses why they don’t have it.

I remember wishing you a happy birthday so I sure hope you had a great one.

Ah, that getting older is sometimes the best reminder of what we will no longer put up with. I think we all need that from time to time. Just a reminder of I’m done with that so let’s move on.

So you go girl, I’m eager to see you move straight ahead. I have no doubt that you will accomplish everything you put your mind to.

~Adrienne :-)


50 Carol Lynn
April 3, 2012 at 7:56 PM

First, I have to admit I love that show. Instead of watching from the couch with a bowl of ice cream like I used to, I always watch it on the treadmill now. Second admission: I’m rally good at making excuses and calling them reasons.

I’m really happy to hear that you’ve found and connected with the right people who can lift you up and share your “can-do” mindset. In the short time I’ve known you, I can say this much: you’re motivated, focused and positive! Love it :)


51 Adrienne Smith
April 3, 2012 at 8:46 PM

Girl after my own heart, I LOVE that show too Carol. It’s so inspiring to me…

My admission, I watch it sitting in my comfortable chair but because I tape everything, I don’t usually watch it until after 10:00 pm. I’ve had a rule for years that I won’t eat anything after 7:00 pm so you won’t ever catch me munching on anything while I’m watching TV.

We all do that from time to time I think Carol. Making excuses and calling them reasons or for some people it’s fear that stands in their way. Whatever the reason we have to make a decision about what it is in life we truly want.

Thank you Carol, I’m really excited. I knew my time would come when everything would fall into place because I am one motivated lady. I just needed the right support for me. I’m usually the one giving it to everyone else but there are plenty of times when I just need some direction myself. I’ve definitely got it now and it’s so refreshing and comforting. I really appreciate your kind words, they mean a lot.

I appreciate you Carol! :-)


52 Cathy
April 3, 2012 at 11:50 PM

Hi Adrienne,

Love reading this post. You’ve inspired me to accomplish more this year. Excuses can get in the way of our success. Having a plan and a mentor would make the process easier and much more doable. Time to get an action plan. Thanks for a great post.


53 Adrienne Smith
April 4, 2012 at 8:29 AM

Hi Cathy,

Thank you for sharing that Cathy and I’m so thrilled this post has been an inspiration.

I thinks sometimes we get to a point and say enough is enough. For those who have been dragging their feet and maybe not taking things that serious need that kick every once in awhile. For the rest of us who have really been going full force may need this for pushing us that one extra mile. Having a mentor is crucial I believe and maybe that missing piece of the puzzle. I have no doubt you’ll achieve all that you’ve set out to accomplish this year too. I’m pulling for you Cathy!


54 Ken Pickard
April 4, 2012 at 12:59 AM


You had me at the title! i love this attitude and mindset that you have. I to have adopted this outlook for my business this year. But it wasn’t always this way. i have always been a dreamer. Creating huge visions for my business and family was never and issue. I’ve always had a good work ethic, striving to be work hard to get things done. But I realized that this wasn’t enough to reach my dreams.

I then realized i had to get rid of ALL my excuses. Even through powerful clear visions and a strong work ethic you need to remove all fears. I knew I was destined for more great things but i had fears I had to remove. Fears of success is just as powerful as the fear of poverty. The fear of leadership and uncertainty can have a crippling effect on any business.

So I am now free to say I’m a recovered hobby mentality fearful entrepreneur.

Ken Pickard
The Network Dad


55 Adrienne Smith
April 4, 2012 at 8:36 AM

Hi Ken,

So happy to hear this is the direction you are headed this year too Ken. I can so relate to what you’ve shared here. Always having a good work ethic and striving to work hard to get things done. Obviously for me that wasn’t enough either.

Ouch, you just got me there Ken. Everywhere I would turn for the past two years I’ve been told that I’m a great leader. That scared the heck out of me because in my eyes I wasn’t having success so I certainly didn’t want to lead anyone in that same direction. So I shied away from that term scared to even consider myself in that light. How could I possibly lead others? So I stuck with sharing what I do know, what I have learned and what I have seen success with. They certainly aren’t the things that will get me to where I need to go but they will help.

Now that I have a mentor that also can see the same things everyone else did in me but is actually showing me the way now is so freeing. So like you, we are free to say we are recovering fearful entrepreneurs.

Here is to your massive success Ken in 2012 and beyond. Let’s go kick some butt shall we!



56 Jens P. Berget
April 4, 2012 at 2:00 AM

Hi Adrienne,

Yes, 2012 is the year of no excuses. I’m in Denmark right now, but that doesn’t stop me. I love what I’m doing and now I can spend time with my family and keep doing it, how great is that :)

The company that you’ve joined, numis, what’s the product you’re selling?

Happy Easter :)


57 Adrienne Smith
April 4, 2012 at 8:39 AM

Hey Jens,

Welcome to the life of an entrepreneur Jens. So glad you’re enjoying time with your family. And here you are still dedicated to stop by and say hello to us. You’re the best Jens. :-)

Numis deals with silver and gold coins but they aren’t just any coins. They are collection pieces or the highest quality. Great way to build a legacy for your children. Nice huh!

Happy Easter to you as well Jens. I’ll be going and spending it with my Mom. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your trip.

Thanks Jens for taking time out of your vacation to stop by.



58 Nick Sotos April 4, 2012 at 8:07 AM

Hey there Adrienne,

That was a great post to read. Thanks for sharing your insights.
Personally I thought that 2012 isn’t my year, however your no excuses advise made me to revise and see things optimistic.
Thanks Adrienne, I’m pretty excited I have to say.


59 Adrienne Smith
April 4, 2012 at 8:43 AM

Hey Nick,

Glad you enjoyed this post and hopefully it did make you realize that whatever you aren’t accomplishing that it’s time to throw those excuses aside and let’s all go kick some serious you know what. Hope I helped with that.



60 Sunil prajapat
April 4, 2012 at 8:49 AM

Well… Adrienne ur exactly correct about the fact that there is no stopping now in this year. To me this year is going to be the busiest one. Got many things to be done ontime and with perfection. Dang,i dont even hav time to breath. 😛


61 Adrienne Smith
April 4, 2012 at 8:54 AM

So I hope that with you being so busy that this is moving your toward where you want to be Sunil. Then looking back it will have been so worth it right! :-) You go my friend.


62 Ilka Flood
April 4, 2012 at 4:23 PM

Hi Adrienne,

Great post! I too like to watch “The Biggest Loser.” And yes, I too, feel for those people.

Someone once told me…“You can either make money or you can make excuses. You can’t do both. So which is it going to be?”

Thanks for sharing your great insights!



63 Adrienne Smith
April 4, 2012 at 10:02 PM

Hi Ilka,

Ah, another Biggest Loser lover. Yey!!!

I remember that quote too and boy is that ever right. That just sums up this entire post doesn’t it!

Thanks Ilka, always a pleasure my friend.



64 sandy
April 4, 2012 at 4:48 PM

Hi Adrienne,

Yes 2012 Is The Year Of No Excuses
I have planted that seed in my head in everything I do.
An Excuse may also say that we are lazy doesn’t it! lol.




65 Adrienne Smith
April 4, 2012 at 10:03 PM

Hi Sandy,

So happy to hear that Sandy, I’m so proud of you.

Lazy or fearful, those are both excuses people use a lot. We just all need to decide what’s the most important.

Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate that!

Enjoy the rest of your week.



66 Mitch Mitchell
April 4, 2012 at 10:20 PM

First, I hope you meant to say you love “reality tv”. lol

Second, I’m with you; I don’t always make excuses, but I also don’t always have the confidence I need to push forward. I never quit, but I slow down here and there, and even take a break when the mood hits me. And it’s not always a positive mood that hits me and shuts me down.

But the year of no excuses; I like that. Time to get back into the game; I’m ready for great things to happen and I’m ready to do great things as well. I’m with you, and I’ve got your back when needed. 😉


67 Adrienne Smith
April 5, 2012 at 8:09 AM

I love “some” reality TV Mitch! lol.. 😉

You are like a lot of people Mitch, me included. Confidence is coupled with fear at times which does hold us back although we are go getters most of the time. I never quit either, just hit a lot of very tall walls.

I’m so happy to hear that you’re right there with us too Mitch. It’s time to stop with all these excuses we keep coming up with and just go for it. I have no doubt that with your drive and determination, great things will happen for you this year. And Mitch, I’ve got your back too my friend. Anytime.


68 Steven Papas April 4, 2012 at 10:17 PM

Great article! Way to call people out on their own excuse making. I am totally on board lately I have had a paradigm shift within myself; I am no longer going to push things off or make excuses for my life. I realize this is about business, but I think it applies to all fields of life.


69 Adrienne Smith
April 5, 2012 at 8:05 AM

Thanks Steven and I think that at some point and time we all go through this wouldn’t you agree? I’m so glad though that you are going to push through things now and stop with the excuses because when you sit back and really look at it, that’s all they are.

This particular post is about business mainly but you are right, it’s also about life. Just like these Biggest Loser contestants. They had to change some things in their personal lives in order to push through the excuses and start taking massive action.

I appreciate your comment Steven, thank you.


70 Cat Alexandra
April 5, 2012 at 7:51 AM

Good morning, Adrienne!

Boy, this post was packed with some ENERGY! I mean, you really do bring a lot of energy to the table as a normal way of being (it’s awesome) – but this one was especially charged! This speaks volumes to your passion for what you have been doing! So happy to see this!

It’s really something when you find something that just feels right!

I love what you were saying about having a plan of action. This seems to be missing in a lot of what I see others do. I think it accounts for many an erratic up and down cycle for people emotionally because they’re just blowing with the wind.

Well, I’m getting to posts a bit late myself – I’ve been uber-busy with our 100 day challenge! Glad to see you rocking out your week and inspiring others along the way!

Cheers to magic in the making!

Cat 😉


71 Adrienne Smith
April 5, 2012 at 8:18 AM

Good morning Cat,

Ah, thanks for sharing that Cat. I appreciate it and yeah, you can tell I’m a little passionate about what’s been going on in my life. It’s been a slow uphill climb but I knew when I got to the top that it would definitely be worth it. And it was, most definitely.

A plan of action is so important. I think there are a lot of people who just are’t clear on what it is that they need to do. Each day, each month, etc. in order to reach their desired destination.

No apologies needed Cat, we all hit that time where we are super busy on getting those action steps implemented and those results paying off. I’m just so happy to hear that you’ve been super busy and I know very productive. I’m enjoying this challenge and it’s keeping me on tract.

Thanks for taking the time this morning and I’m sure you have another jam packed day ahead of you. So have a good one okay!



72 Cat Alexandra
April 5, 2012 at 9:31 AM

Absolutely, Adrienne!! Always a pleasure to share in the convo with you! Passion is contagious. I’m glad you’re spreading that virally!!

I think that what you said about people not knowing what to do is so true. It’s important to learn to have a process and then to be able to self-evaluate so that adjustments may be made. I, for one, have seen such a dramatic change by just taking a few pointers from others about how to tweak my own process for the better. Gotta love these challenges! I think that making the decision to participate was one of the best I’ve made in a long time! I’m so happy that you find that it’s also keeping you on track! There’s so much to do and it’s too easy to blow with the wind if we aren’t holding ourselves to specific tasks that equate to money in the bank!

It will definitely be a jam packed day today! I’ll be out of my office for a few hours so I’m just glad that I *feel* like I’ve gotten off to a rockin start!

Hope you enjoy the heck out of this gorgeous morning!

Cat 😉


73 Adrienne Smith
April 5, 2012 at 9:37 AM

I hope I’m able to spread it all over the internet Cat. Hope everyone catches it! :-)

I agree, just understanding from others on some of the things we can implement into our day can make a huge difference. I love the schedule they shared and it has helped me to stay more on tract with the tasks that are going to bring me financial gain at the end of the day. I’m so happy I committed to this challenge and it is making me accountable for getting those points up there and I start kicking myself when I see they aren’t be met to my expectations. But I continue to move forward and it’s all looking up still.

You enjoy your day as well Cat and I’m sure you’re outside is much prettier then mine. We’ve had a gloomy week with dark clouds and occasional rain. We’re expecting more today.

Take care! :-)


74 Cat Alexandra
April 5, 2012 at 9:44 AM

Oh I think you are doing a FINE job of spreading it widely, Adrienne! Once it’s out there, there’s no stopping it! 😀

I have to say that I’m with you on the scheduling aspects of the challenge! I thought I was doing pretty good before, but with a little attention to detail have been impressed with some major areas that I’ve been able to improve in a short time. As the wise folks say, timing is everything!

We must’ve been having similar weather as you…except it was snowing here Monday and Tuesday. By Yesterday there was NO evidence of the snow at all (except in the high country). It’s back to lovely. – I’ll send a text to the weather people to have them send some sunlight your way. lol


75 Adrienne Smith
April 5, 2012 at 9:50 AM

Gosh, I sure hope so. Can we bottle this? That would be so nice! :-)

I agree Cat, I write everything down each day of what I need to accomplish but this schedule is much more detailed and I can see the areas I wasn’t concentrating enough on. Shame on me but no more. It’s really helped me stay even more focused and on tract.

Maybe with a little word from us both we can have some sunshine today. It peaked out and teased us a little yesterday but that didn’t last long. It really wants to come out so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Glad to know you’l be running around today in beautiful weather.


76 Lisa Magoulas
April 7, 2012 at 6:42 PM

Love this post Adrienne. I’m with you on this one. I get so tired of hearing people with excuses. We are so lucky to live in an age where we can do so much if we really want to. Some of the main things people are missing are time management, goals, todo lists and making the time to exercise and eat health. If those things are done, everything falls into place. Oh yeah, and having someone like you who is a motivating, positive influence. Thanks. 😉


77 Adrienne Smith
April 8, 2012 at 5:14 PM

Hey Lisa,

Thanks, happy to hear that.

You’re right, if we want to have a better life it’s definitely up to us to take charge and do something about it. Everything else is just an excuse which means we really just don’t want it bad enough.

If we took the time to incorporate everything into our lives that would make us happy and healthy, we’d all be in a much more positive frame of mind for sure. And you’re right, having someone in your life that is motivating and positive. What a winning combination.

Thanks Lisa and Happy Easter! Hope you’re enjoying the day.


78 Morris
April 7, 2012 at 11:40 PM

I always tried to tell others that I didn’t have excuses. But I sure did have a lot of reasons.

I guess it’s all in the way you frame it. Enjoyed the article.


79 Adrienne Smith
April 8, 2012 at 5:19 PM

I know the feeling Morris and as long as you are aware of that, it’s the first step right!

Thank you, I appreciate that and hope you’re enjoying your Easter!


80 Daniel April 8, 2012 at 5:45 AM

Hi Adrienne,

What great ideas to kick excuses out of your life. The main reason why people make excuses for things is because they don’t have a true desire to do something or fear is in the way of things they want to achieve. It’s important to have courage and the desire to push forward.

Best wishes to you, for a magnificent weekend.



81 Adrienne Smith
April 8, 2012 at 5:23 PM

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your comment on this subject and I agree with you. Not wanting something bad enough is really the main reason I believe and fear follows close behind. The unknown can be a scary place but if you want it bad enough, you’ll eventually move through the fear. It’s great to look back and think, well that wasn’t so bad.

This is definitely the year of no excuses..

Thank you so much and best wishes to you as well. Hope you’re enjoying your Easter weekend. I most definitely am as well.



82 Ivan April 9, 2012 at 7:13 AM

great article. Excuses are definitely a killer of success. Yet sometimes we really believe in our own excuses so much that we think that we are right and every one else is wrong. This is a dangerous trap. I think that commitment is a very important ingredient of success, because without it it’s very easy to fall for excuses. And yes, having a great team is CRUCIAL for success (not only in network marketing).


83 Adrienne Smith
April 9, 2012 at 7:37 AM

Hey Ivan,

You are right about that which is why so many people aren’t ever able to get through those blocks at times. If people studied more personal development and understood that they have the power to achieve anything they put their minds to, they would understand this to be false. It is a dangerous trap.

Having people who believe in you is crucial…

Thank you for commenting, I appreciate your input.

Enjoy your week.



84 Linda April 9, 2012 at 6:30 PM

That’s great that you found something that you love and awesome people to work with. That is a huge help when it comes down to a business – you must love what you do and enjoy the people you work with and they must enjoy the business as much as you, so you can succeed. If you didn’t have either one or one or the other it just wouldn’t work.

Those excuses you mentioned above sound really familiar, unfortunately, but it all comes down to your own actions, like you said.

Sometimes unexpected things pop up and it’s hard to get around them without a struggle – ugh! Life is a curve ball that’s for sure.

Anyway, I am happy that you are happy, Adrienne. You deserve it as you are such a wonderful person – who wouldn’t want to work side by side with you :)

Thanks for sharing what you are up to now with Numis – looks interesting.



85 Adrienne Smith
April 9, 2012 at 6:46 PM

Thanks Linda and you are so right. When all of that falls into place, it’s just fabulous. Loving what you do and enjoying the people and team you’re associated with is crucial to having success. I truly have found my home.

Life can definitely get in the way but when you have your goals and desires, those road bumps won’t get in the way for long. There should be nothing stopping you for going for what you want. If you truly want it. Everything else is just a hiccup like I like to say.

Thank you so much for that Linda, I really appreciate that. I’m glad we got to sort of work together while in the same training program. At least it gave us an opportunity to meet so that worked out well. I wish you nothing but the best as well and I know you enjoy creating and working with the sites you have up. Hang in there and success is yours.

My pleasure and will continue to keep everyone up to date as things progress.

Hope your Easter was a good one. Have a really wonderful week.


86 Tonya Stephens April 10, 2012 at 9:41 PM

Hi Adrienne,

Great blog post! I love the look of your blog as well.
congrats on joining up with Terry. I was also very touched by his genuine demeanor.
You’ve made a good choice.
To your continued success,


87 Adrienne Smith
April 11, 2012 at 8:36 AM

Hi Tonya,

Thank you on both accounts, I appreciate that.

I definitely hit the jackpot, that’s for sure and he is all that he comes across as being. He’s the real deal and we should all be so fortunate to have that type of support.

I appreciate your comment Tonya, it’s greatly appreciated and glad you stopped by. Have a glorious week!



88 Lewis LaLanne April 16, 2012 at 5:39 PM

I wish you massive success in your new opportunity!

I have some family in Salt Lake City (probably the capital of the world of Network Marketing businesses hahaha) that went from being on church welfare to becoming Diamond distributors with Nikken so I believe in this method of making a living beyond just having seen the companies winning-est person on stage doing their shtick.

But this business isn’t for most people. Especially the people who don’t do anything with the opportunity at hand. You’re an action taker though and I believe you’ll use all your internet marketing muscle to make it happen with this new business.


89 Adrienne Smith
April 16, 2012 at 6:57 PM

Hey Lewis,

Thank you Lewis, I really appreciate that. I have no doubt this is where I finally belong and all is looking up my friend.

You are right though, network marketing is not for everyone. You definitely have to want more out of life then going to a regular day job for the rest of your life. It’s not for the weak at heart because you’ll have a lot of hurdles to get over in the beginning.

Thank you for sharing that Lewis, that was so kind of you. That’s definitely what I’m hoping for.



90 Chris April 19, 2012 at 7:59 AM

Taking that first step is often the hardest. One problem that can be an excuse for some people is over analyzing. There are situations where too much information leads to no action. Consider looking in your closest. There’s probably multiple hundred or more solutions staring at you for what to wear. Given the number of choices, most people choose what they are comfortable with. In the closet example, you choose your “favorite” shirt. In the life choice application, you choose what is comfortable or familiar to you. In other words, you stay in or fall back into your rut. Break through this challenge by walking into a different closet where the choices are all different to you and limited. It will force a decision for a new look. This can be applied to your life decision as well. It eliminates excuses that keep you in a rut because if you are going down a path that is new for you, there is no rut to fall into.


91 Adrienne Smith
April 19, 2012 at 8:21 AM

That’s a great explanation of that Chris. Luckily for me, I don’t like a lot of things so even my clothes choices aren’t a lot. Now if I could have just limited my learning material in this same method I would have been so much better off.

This is definitely the year of no excuses.


92 Michelle April 25, 2012 at 9:00 AM

Hi Adrienne. Love the post. It makes me want to get up and do something useful. I totally agree that there’s no space for excuses in this day and age. Excuses lead to procrastination and procrastination ultimately leads to just not doing it. In age where everything is instant, there’s no room for error.


93 Adrienne Smith
April 25, 2012 at 10:46 AM

Hi Michelle,

Well I hope this has motivated you to take charge and get things done. Of course I have no doubt you’ve been doing this anyway but a little extra push never hurt anyone right!

Thank you for sharing this and you have a wonderful day!


94 Dr.Spencer Jones
June 9, 2012 at 1:32 AM

Even though half of 2012 is already gone, I am not ready to give up yet. There is 6 more months to do my best and take my blog to my top. I’ve been circling the same mountain for some years, but this year I’m definitely doing something new and going to get some never before seen results.

Dr.Spencer Jones


95 Adrienne
June 9, 2012 at 11:27 AM

Hopefully whatever goals you’ve set for yourself this year you are reaching them. I know that when I put them in writing I hold myself to them. Some areas I do much better than others. Like when we have a bump in the road that throws us off. For me is what the death of a very good friend. What’s important is that we pick ourselves back up and keep going.

I have no doubt you’ll accomplish what you’ve set out to do. So, congratulations on your success up to now and stay true to what you want to accomplish.

Thanks Spencer…



96 Ehsan
June 10, 2012 at 7:04 AM

If we do what we always did, than we will get what we always got. I agree 2012 is really the year of No Excuse. Sorry for the late comment.


97 Adrienne
June 10, 2012 at 12:59 PM

No problem Ehsan and I hope you’re making this year one of your best.


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