Successful On FacebookFacebook…  Some people love it and some people hate it.

No matter where you fall in this category you have to admit, it’s the most popular social networking site online today with over 700 million users.

I continue to see so many people make mistakes on Facebook though and some of them really get under my skin.  No wonder they aren’t having any success.

Hey I certainly don’t claim to be perfect because trust me, I use to make these mistakes myself.  This is what I do here on my blog.  I teach you what I’ve learned and I thought it was about time to share these lessons with you.

Those Killer Mistakes

Have you read my free report about my relationship marketing secrets?  Well then you know that building relationships is important to whatever you’re online to achieve.

This blog is considered social media and you all know that I use it to build relationships with my readers.  Why?  Because people connect with people.  It’s just as important if not more to do that on a site like Facebook.

The mistake I see so many people make is the same mistakes I use to make when I first joined.  The only reason I joined Facebook was because I came online and wanted to start making money.  I was told that it’s the place to be.

I sent a friend request to anyone who had a profile picture up.  I eventually got to 5,000 friends and I thought I had hit the jackpot.  Guess what!  Nothing happened.

Looking back on that now I felt like such an idiot. As time went by I eventually learned that whatever business, product or service I was a part of they didn’t have my best interests at heart.  Hell no!  All they cared about was me promoting what they had to offer.

Relationship Marketing

The biggest mistake people make today is sharing what they’re selling to anyone who will listen.  I actually can’t get too upset with most people who do this only because I have a pretty good feeling that they are being taught to do this too.

The online industry is about relationships.  You’ve probably heard this so much you’re ready to scream but it is about people connecting to people.  People really do want to work with people they know, like and trust.  If you’re spamming people with your links and not taking that time to get to know who they are then you’re not only wasting your time but hurting your reputation.

People want to connect with you.  Stop listening to everyone else and listen to your gut.  You know that the way you are doing things is just not working.

The Right Way To Connect 

The biggest mistake I see people make is they send a friend request.  That’s it!

Yeah, like that’s really going to help you stand out!

So you have to ask yourself this question.  Why would that person want to connect with you?  You’ve sent them a friend request, they don’t know who you are or why you want to be their friend.

I don’t accept any friend requests from anyone who has not reached out to me first.  I don’t care who you are…

Want to know the right way to connect with people and build those relationships?

Don’t send them a friend request first.  Send them an email and let them know why you are contacting them.  Stop by their profile and read more about them.  What are their interests, what are their hobbies, what books do they enjoy, what groups are you both a part of, what movies are their favorites, what TV shows do they watch, what music do they listen to, are they animal lovers.  Surely you can find something in common with them that you two share.  Lead with that.

Wouldn’t you rather work with someone who has some of the same interests?  Remember, this is about making those connections and forming new friendships.  This isn’t just about getting someone to buy what you offer.

Once you make that initial connection keep the conversation going.  Learn more about them, find those common interests.  Ask the right questions so you’ll know whether or not what you have to offer is something they may need.  If not and you’ve formed that friendship, they’ll like you enough to recommend some of their friends.

Once you’ve formed that connection then and only then ask if you can send them a friend request so you two can stay in touch.  If they don’t respond or they drop off the face of the earth don’t waste any more time with them.

Don’t send people friend requests because you want to get your numbers up.  Send them a friend request because you want to be friends.  The connections you make online will benefit you so much more then just making that one sale.

Just Because We’re Friends

Another mistake I see people make is just because we’ve connected on Facebook and chatted a few times doesn’t give you the right to add me to groups without my permission.  If you’ve made that connection with me and want to introduce me to a group or you feel it could possibly benefit me in some way, send me an email and ask me if you can send me an invitation of if you can add me.

People like to throw you into groups because that gives other people in those groups access to you. Is that really what you want?  You might not want to connect with those people so to me it’s rude to think that’s okay.

Friends are respectful of friends.  Friends care about their friends and they definitely want the best for them.

I Could Go On

Yes, there are more things on Facebook that I could go on about but I think you get the picture.  Be respectful of others, don’t tag them in photos that they aren’t in just so you can get in front of their friends.  My motto is always treat people the way you would want to be treated.

Would you want people doing that to you?  Remember my post on what kind of reputation are you building?  When you do these things to others they’ll remember you.  They may mark you as spam and if you get enough complaints Facebook will delete your profile.

Facebook is about building relationships and once you start doing that your new friends will be there for you.  They will support you when you need it, share your information with their friends or even introduce you to people who they think might benefit you.  It will open so many doors you can’t even imagine right now.

I hope this post was helpful and I apologize once again for it being so long.  I keep telling myself I’m going to make my posts shorter but I never seem to accomplish that.  At least not yet.

I appreciate your comments and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Does this drive you nuts too?  Did you make some of these same mistakes or are you making them now?  Was this post helpful?

Love for you to share this post with your friends.  Always eager to help others learn and this topic just may be helpful to a few people.

Have a fabulous day!





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