Only 26 Days Left, I Would Appreciate Your SupportSince venturing online and connecting with people through blogging, would you say you’ve made a few friends along the way?  Has anyone just really stood out to you or you just felt that connection?  Have you picked up the phone or chatted through Skype with anyone yet?

I’ve had several people that I’ve connected with actually and we’ve had some good conversations through Skype.  A few others we’ve only communicated through email.  I just enjoy meeting people and learning more about them and who they are.  What they enjoy doing and if there is anyway we can help each other you know.  I’ve had a few who have reached out to me actually and have been a huge support.

One of those people is a young man by the name of Christian Hollingsworth. Christian is the created of Smart Boy Designs so hopefully you’ve already been by his place.  Personally I can’t believe he’s only 20 years old.  This young man has accomplished so much in his short life.

The purpose of this post today is that Christian has been nominated for a Small Business Influencer Award in the Gurus category.  This is truly an honor, especially at his age.

Here is an explanation of what this award entails:

Welcome to “Small Business Influencer 2011″ produced by Small Business Trends and Small Biz Technology and brought to you by Blackberry. Small Business Influencer 2011 honors companies, organizations and people who have made a significant impact on the North American small business market. In phase I, you nominate influencers. In Phases 2 and 3, you and an all-star judging panel will vote for the top 100. It all culminates with honoring the Top 100 Small Business Influencers in mid-August 2011, with an awards dinner to follow on September 13, 2011 in New York City.

With only 26 days left until the voting is complete, I am reaching out to my blogging community and my friends and asking for your support.  You don’t have to sign up or give them any information whatsoever.

All that is required of you when you land on their site is to click the yellow “Vote” button. That’s it, that’s all there is to it.  Christian didn’t ask me to do this but he’s been such a wonderful friend to me this is the least I can do to show my support.

Since you can only vote once a day, I’ve put a post-it-note on my monitor and plan to head over there every single day and vote until it’s over.

See, I’ve finally learned to ask when I need your help so here is my last request.  I really would appreciate it if you could just take a moment of your time, head over there right now and just click that little vote button.  I won’t even ask you to hang around and leave me a comment.  I’ll give those up if you’ll vote instead.  I would appreciate you at least tweeting this message so we can keep spreading the word.

Look at it this way, you may need my help someday and you now know that I’d do the same for you.  All you have to do is ask.  Bribe, bride, bride!!!  🙂

=====> VOTE <=====

I’ll go ahead and thank you ahead of time for doing this for me.  Seriously, this means a lot and I know it will to Christian too.  I really would like to see him win this.  And just think, he’ll have all of us to thank.