Perfect Blog PostAs bloggers we are always looking for ways to improve our content.

It doesn’t matter what your niche is, our blogs are the way to grab our readers attention, give them what they want and hopefully have them coming back for more.

Have you ever wondered if there was a formula for the perfect blog post?

I’ll admit, I never gave this much consideration although I have seen some data on how they should be set up as far as header tags, types of fonts, font sizes, length of paragraphs, bullet points, length of posts, etc.

Have I followed this formula to a tee?

Heck no because most of the time I just do my own thing.

But is there a perfect blog post formula?

I ran across this infographic so you be the judge.


What do you think?  Do you agree with their findings?  Would you say that out of the 100 top blog posts across a number of the most popular sites that analyzed that their assumptions would be correct?

If the big boys are doing it and having so much success then do you agree that we all need this in our own blog posts in order to succeed as well?

So do you really think there is a perfect blog post formula?  Granted, this has nothing to do with our actual content but just the overall sets up, layout, etc.  Although I do believe the set up and themes are very important and boy can we not ignore them, the content and how we act with our readers to me is the key.  Would you agree?

Love your thoughts about this and you know I always appreciate the shares.  I’m so curious to know your opinion because when James posted this one it only received two comments on the actual post although this infographic was shared hundreds of times.

I think the shares are important but I also think the feedback is even more so, don’t you?





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