The Real Truth About Blog CommentingThings are constantly changing and so is blog commenting.  Or is it really…

When blogs first came on the scene commenting was a cool way to express yourself when you read someone’s post.

As time went by and more marketers started using this method, they began to include their links in the field marked “Website” in the comment box to promote their services, programs and products.

Pretty soon some of these same marketers decided why don’t we automate this whole commenting process and that way we can reach more sites, drop more links and have better results.

That’s when automated spam came on the scene.

They just wrote a generic comment, found the blogs they wanted to comment on and automated this process.

As time went on though people started to get pretty fed up with all this spam.  Developers created ways around this issue to get rid of these automated spam bots once and for all.  For the most part it worked pretty darn well.

The spam bots are still out there but now we have more human spam.  They fall under a few different categories for me.  Some of them are being paid to comment on other sites dropping the links of the sites they are being paid to promote.

Then you have those underhanded marketers that know the spam bots aren’t working anymore so they’re still dropping their links hoping to get through.  I can’t believe they haven’t figure out that Google probably isn’t ranking their sites anymore.  Maybe they just don’t care and only do it in hopes someone might click the link and buy from them.  Who knows!

It all started because Google said to build the backlinks and the people will come.  Build the backlinks and we’ll move you up in the search engines.  People will find your sites and you’ll get plenty of traffic and sales.  The people listened and they bowed down to Google!

The only people who don’t yet realize what they’re doing wrong are the ones who haven’t been around long enough to figure it out.  Oh, but they will because I’m going to help them.

The Truth About Blog Commenting According To Adrienne Smith

Blog commenting is not just about backlinks or getting traffic to your site.

If you’ve been hanging around my blog long enough you’ve heard me say this numerous times.  You have to put that out of your head, out of the equation altogether and stop worrying about the search engines.

What you should concentrate on the most though are the connections you can make.

So how exactly do you go about doing that?

You start by commenting on other blogs.  Preferably the majority of them being in your niche so that you can get in front of your target audience and be seen by them as well.

When you visit a blog and we’ll use mine as an example, you take the time to read the post.  Now you do NOT have to read 10 different posts a day in order for this to be effective.

So you read this post and you share your honest thoughts about what I’ve written.  Don’t worry, I’ll have some questions for you at the end of this to help you along in case you feel you don’t have anything to add.  What I do want from you is your “honest” opinion on this topic.

So you read the post and you leave a genuine comment.  I’ve been known to have some long ones and I’ve found that people appreciate that because when they visit they see this as a community and we are.

So leave your comment and then look around in the comment section and see if anyone elses comment has appealed to you and then follow their link back to their blog and comment on their post.

That’s how the process works but how can it benefit you?

The Benefits of Blog Commenting According To Adrienne Smith

So how does all of this really benefit you?

The more you comment the more you’ll be seen.  The more you’re seen the more curious people become.

Now remember, just leaving a one sentence or short paragraph comment is not very impressive these days.  Let us really know how you feel.

If you don’t think after visiting a certain blog after a period of time that you can make a connection with that blog owner, move on to another one.

Relationships can be built with blog owners by visiting their blogs on a regular basis because 1) you enjoy what they share 2) you learn from them and 3) you feel like there’s a connection forming or can form.

All of these things can lead to building a relationship with the blog owner and this can lead to more and more down the road.

Now I have my upcoming product that I hope to be releasing around October as the perfect example.

First of all I’ve created it because my blog community has asked for it.  Secondly they are all very supportive of me and will help promote my product.  Thirdly, I hope they’ll all buy if from me as well but for those that don’t they’ll still spread the word about it.

This is how I’ve built up my subscriber list and my consulting clients all from commenting and building those relationships with them.

Is it time consuming?

Of course it is but look at the end result and these friendships that you end up building will take you so much further then the next biggest thing hitting the internet.

If Google were to take all your traffic away tomorrow, what would you have left?  Your blog community.

If your social media accounts were all deleted tomorrow, what would you have left?  Your blog community.

So you tell me which is more important?

Blog Commenting At It’s Best

Copyblogger shut their comments down on March 24th of this year.

Chris Brogan just followed suit shutting his down on August 6th.

They are more interested in focusing on the conversations taking place on social media so they don’t have to worry about spam, broken links, Google penalizing them for crappy links or the time it takes to respond to comments.  I say they need to do what’s best for them.

Responding to comments is time consuming but I bet every single one of these very successful bloggers will tell you it’s because of that they are where they are today.  If you’re not at their level then you still need to build those relationships.

So start with blog commenting and do it for the right reasons.  Build those relationships with your readers and if they don’t turn into your subscribers, turn them into your friends.  Build that trust with them and they will comment on your posts, share your content on social media, spread the word about how awesome you are and promote your products when the time comes.

That my friends is trust and that’s what you all should be working toward.

Get Ready To Comment

So now it’s time for me to help you with your comment on this post.  I’ll start by asking you some simple questions if you don’t feel you have some experience or thoughts to share with me.

Are you taking blog commenting seriously?  Have you even given this much thought to how it can benefit you in the long run?  Have you added this as one of your long term goals to build an awesome blog community so that it can withstand the test of time should all of your other traffic methods vanish tomorrow for some reason?

Think you can get started by answering those question?  I would love to know your thoughts about this topic and I definitely want to hear from you.  Know what else I would love?

If you would share this with your friends and on social media.  Yep, I would definitely appreciate that and want to know why?  Because I appreciate you and I think you’re just awesome!

Oh and want some other good news?  I’m going to be sharing with you how to build your own blog community in my upcoming product so I hope you’ll be excited about that and I’ll be releasing that soon.

If you’d like to know when I’ll be announcing all of this and giving you some inside scoop then you’ll have to opt into my list because I’ll be sharing it with them first.  Hey, we have to keep a few things just between us!

Okay, can’t wait to respond to you comment!

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