Referral Organic Search TrafficAs bloggers our lifeblood is the traffic we get to our sites!  Without it we’re just one more blog among the millions online that aren’t receiving the recognition that we so desperately crave.

If you blog as a hobby then you’d still like to get your content read. What about comments!  Well my goodness, that’s like icing on the cake.  It makes us feel like someone actually paid attention to what we said and cared enough to voice their opinions or thoughts.

Now there are two kinds of traffic online.  There is the organic search traffic that comes from sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Then you have the referral traffic which comes from sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, your friends and then to me the best is word of mouth.

Are you striving to get more of one then the other?  Are you an SEO nut like some bloggers who of course are here for the money?  Let’s face it, we all want targeted traffic that wants what we offer.

There have been so many arguments about which one is better, which one is stronger, which one lasts longer, etc.  Everyone has their own opinions on this subject, me included of course.

I think the difference depends on the type of blog you have, what you’re promoting, who you are as a person, your brand, a few of those things because we’re all different.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Good Old Organic Traffic

Let’s talk a little bit about organic traffic.

Recently I wrote a post showing you how you can find those magic keywords people are using to find your content through the search engines.

Who doesn’t love that right!

It’s a fabulous feeling when someone goes to Google, types in what they’re looking for and they find your content on the first page!  That is the coolest feeling ever and if you say it isn’t you’re lying.

There are some SEO experts out there that rock at this now.  They rank for what they’re going after all the darn time.  That’s impressive and I have a feeling they make a lot of money doing this too.

Here’s the problem with that though.

A few years back Google finally got smart about all the black hat marketers who were just here for the money and would go to any length to get it.  They were doing underhanded deeds to get ranked above everyone else and it worked.


Google started cranking out updates to try their best to cut these guys off at the knees.  They love to be so secretive about these updates that most of the time we don’t hear about them until they’re over.  Their main focus continues to be web spam.

Great, terrific, we’re thrilled, excited and doing the happy dance over here.  There’s just one problem with this.

They continue to change the algorithms so much that it sometimes affects what we already had in place.  The correct things we were taught to do that worked.  Yep!

This has been a huge lesson as to why you should never put all your eggs in one basket and rely on the search engines for all your traffic.  I’ve heard horror stories from some of my blogging friends about how they lost not only all of their traffic but their incomes too.

I’m not putting search engine traffic down by any means.  You just can’t rely on it for the long run that’s all.

Referral Traffic At It’s Best

Most of you that know me well know that I love referral traffic.  I got tired of being caught up with all the changes Google kept making and being penalized for doing the right thing.

I started doing blog commenting back in early 2011 mostly for the traffic but soon was learning so much from the posts I read.  The bloggers that I was coming in contact with as well were so nice and helpful so getting to know them has been so enjoyable.

I’m a big people person so starting conversations is second nature to me.  I started asking a lot of questions when I didn’t know something and I soon learned that most of the bloggers that I was meeting were a lot like me too.

Back then just commenting and sharing posts were pretty much all you had to do to get noticed.  I have always taken it a step further because when people know that you care and appreciate them then you’ll stand out from the rest.

Striking conversations with them any chance you get will really help as well whether it’s on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, wherever they prefer hanging out.

Introduce them to people you know and help them get more readers to their blog.  Don’t you know that will help you stand out more in their eyes as well!

Remember that this is more of a people business and a lot of these bloggers I now can call my friends.  What do friends do for each other?  They help and support them.

I spoke a little about that in one of my posts last month after all of you really stepped up and supported me after I lost my best friend to a heart attack.  Some people will say it’s hard to keep referral traffic coming back time and time again.

If something happens to you and you’re out of pocket for a short time then they’ll just quit coming by.  I think that depends on the types of relationships you’ve built with them personally.  I know my community has really stood by me during this difficult period and I won’t forget their generosity.

To me that’s what referral traffic is all about.  Building those relationships, having a supportive community and meeting people that you can some day call real friends.

Which Is Better

So which is better for you?  Are you more keen on referral or organic search traffic?  Do you concentrate more on keyword rich posts or building relationships with your readers?

Why of these methods have you found the most rewarding?  I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this of course so please do share with me what you prefer.

I’d also appreciate you sharing this with your friends too!  See, this is what referral traffic is all about.  I’d paid much more attention to a post my friends shared with me then someone who I don’t know shared something.  Wouldn’t you?





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