See How Easily You Can Convert A YouTube VideoWhether you create your own videos or not, I don’t know one person who doesn’t like YouTube.  Literally millions of videos are being viewed daily.  You can really get addicted to that site.  I love watching videos myself.

Have you heard the latest with YouTube?  They now have a service where you can watch featured movies without a subscription.  How cool is that!  Carolyn is always up on the latest news so if you’d like to read more, be sure and visit The Wonder of Tech.  She’ll gladly tell you all about it.

Little Teeny Problem

One of the services I wish YouTube offered was to be able to download any videos from their site.  I have a feeling they don’t offer this because you’re always going to have someone who is dishonest and possibly use that in the way it wasn’t intended.

One of the reasons I would love this option is because there have been times that I’ve saved a video to my favorites only to later learn that person’s account has either been shut down or they removed that particular video.  I hate that when that happens.

I’ll search and search and search and can’t seem to find that video anywhere else. Oh, I’m sure it’s floating around somewhere in cyber space but I’ll be darned if I can locate it.

I’ve heard of some paid services that will allow you to download videos from YouTube but you guys have already learned how budget conscious I am.  Those people could make a fortune off of me.  What I have found though are some free services that will do the same thing!  Now that’s what I’m talking about…


My favorite site and the one I use the most is:

See How Easily You Can Convert A YouTube Video

 What does are several things actually.

1)  Convert by Link:

What you can do here is input the link of any video you want converted and then you can set it to convert to an MP3 file or any other format you choose.  I use this option to convert the videos to audio so I can download them to my iPod and listen to speeches by people like Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins.  Comes in very handy my friends.

2)  Convert by Upload:

If you have a video on your hard drive and you’d like to convert it to another format or say an audio file, this is what option you would use.

3)  Download:

This is where you can actually download the YouTube video (or any other video for that matter) and save it to your computer for your viewing pleasure.  Maybe you want it on your desktop so you can watch it every morning and not worry that it ever gets deleted off YouTube.

Google Chrome Extension

To make it even more convenient, they have a Google Chrome extension for this service as well.  I uploaded the extension but couldn’t get it to work for the life of me.  So I went in search of something similar and found one that is fabulous.  It’s called “Dr. Newton YouTube Downloader”.

To grab this extension just go to Google Chrome webstore and type in “Dr. Newton YouTube Downloader”.  Add that to Chrome and you’re done.  This is what it will do for you:

See How Easily You Can Convert A YouTube Video

As you’ll notice, it automatically adds a download button to YouTube for you so you can download that video to a flash, MP4 or MP3 file.  Really pretty neat if you ask me.

If you are a FireFox user, I’m sure they will have something similar.  Just search for  “YouTube Converter” and see what you can’t find.

Now there are a lot of other video downloading sites out there for free but this is the one I have come to count on so if you want one that will do even more, just do a Google search and I have a feeling you’ll come up with quite a few more.

Was This Helpful?

So did you find this helpful at all?  Is this a service that you have used before or think you might in the future?  Were you aware that you could download videos to audio and listen on your iPod?

Downloading videos to audios are my personal favorites.  I listen to them while I walk or am driving in the car.  As I mentioned previously, I have downloaded several of Jim Rohn’s and Tony Robbins speeches on my iPod.  I listen to them almost daily.  Very inspirational.

Hope you found this post helpful.  Let me know if you have found any sites like this that you know everyone else would like to learn about.  Maybe you have a favorite that you use a lot.  be sure to add those to the comment section so in case this site ever goes down, we might have more to reference.

I always look forward to hearing from you.

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