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I was reading Sonia Winland’s post the other day over at and she was sharing with us a plug-in she has been using for the past six months to ban spammers from her blog.

She put together a terrific video walking us through exactly how she’s got this set up and what to do.  The way this plug-in works, it actually blocks their IP addresses.

My comment to Sonia was that I don’t use a plug-in but I actually blacklist spammers from my blog through my dashboard.  Plus, those who are trying to hack into my blog, I ban those intruders IP’s through my hosting service.

She wasn’t aware of either of these methods and asked if I wouldn’t mind sharing how to implement both these techniques in a post.  So tada…

For your viewing pleasure!

Links Mentioned In Video

CommentLuv Premium

Limited Login Attempts 

I hope you found this post and video helpful.  If you have any questions about any of this or you have more suggestions that might help us better then what I’ve been doing I’d love to hear all about them. You know me guys, I’m always willing to learn anything that may improve upon what I’m already doing.

Now if you enjoyed this post then be sure to comment below because I’m not bashful.  I’ll ask that you share your thoughts and opinions with me.  I would also appreciate you sharing this post with all your friends and followers.  It just may help them as well.

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