6 Tips On How To Get Subscribers On YouTubeAh YouTube, one of my favorite social media sites.  I haven’t met too many people who don’t enjoy watching some type of videos.  I personally love the “how to’s” or the tutorials that walk me through what it is I’m wanting to know.  What better way to learn how to do something right!

I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a pro yet but I’ve learned quite a bit since shooting my very first video over three years ago.  When Paul Wolfe shared those video statistics with me toward the end of last year I knew it was time to step up my game.   I even purchased a course (and yes it’s an affiliate link) on how to create better videos, how to do keyword research for my videos and some additional things I could improve upon.

I’m still learning which is what I wanted to share with you in this particular post.  

Why Do We Need Subscribers

So we love views on our videos right so you might want to know why we actually need subscribers. Well subscribers on YouTube are similar to loyal readers on our blog.  Our purpose is to build a following so they will consistently return to read our content, leave their thoughts and comments on our post and share our content with their friends and followers.

We want the same thing for our videos.  As YouTube continues to grow, and they are already up to 3 billion views a day on this social sharing site, this is going to help you get your videos more attention. As we want our blogging friends to share our content, we want our subscribers to share our videos.

First Things First

So we all want more subscribers but in order for these tips to work to our advantage you have to have a few things in place first. Want to know what those are?

  • Consistency
    We have to be just as consistent with our video posting as we do with our blog content.  Oh yeah, it’s so important.  Your viewers will anxiously await a new video from you if they now know they are coming on a regular basis.
  • Value
    This is pretty much a given but has to be mentioned.  Your videos have to add value, something people are anxiously waiting for you to share.  Maybe you do some “how to” videos or tutorials walking people through certain steps or fun and creative videos that are just too fun to miss.
  • Outstanding
    Your video needs to be delivered in a way that others find it entertaining, life changing, remarkable, just outstanding in some form.

If you can implement these into your videos then everything else will be quite easy.

Here are the 6 tips on how to get subscribers on YouTube.

Tip #1: Ask

Just like blog commenting, most people don’t even think to ask for a comment.  We all just assume it’s a given but that’s not always the case.  If you want people to subscribe to your channel you have to ask them to subscribe.

A successful call to action has three key ingredients.  They need to know what to do, how to do it and why they should subscribe.  You know you can say something like, “please be sure and subscribe to my channel by clicking the button right above so that you can have immediate access to my new videos that I’ll be posting over the next few weeks.”

You can have a call to action in your video but of course the easiest is to just have it at the end of your video.  People need to be told what to do so tell them what you would like for them to do.  Ask and you shall receive.

Tip #2:   Annotations

Just in case you aren’t aware of what annotations are in your video they are those boxes that will pop up during a video telling you certain things.  Some people take it to the extreme and I find them rather annoying but if you use them wisely, they can go a long long way.

You can include things like your subscribe button directly into your video and make it clickable so that people can subscribe by clicking that button while watching your video.  Now that’s what I call making it easy for your viewers.

Tip #3:  Your Blog

Now we know that a lot of people are using videos in their blog just like I’ve been doing recently.  That is great for more views too.  We want to make it easy for them to subscribe to your YouTube channel too and you can do this by installing YouTube’s subscribe widget in your sidebar.  I shared with you how to install that in my recent video post.

Tip #4:  Featured Channels

There is a feature on YouTube that now allows you to include featured channels of other people that you enjoy watching their videos.  You can include this on your homepage.  Why this would be important is so that you can start building relationships with other channel owners who have the same audience and who compliment each other with having similar businesses and you can feature each other on your channels.

It’s like cross promoting each other’s content.  When you have similar audiences, their subscribers will more then likely be interested in your content as well.

You can locate the features channel under the “Settings” tab.

Tip #5:  Consistent Interaction

Remember when I shared with you about being consistent with producing video content?  Well the same goes for interacting with other channel owners as well.  Just like in blogging where you are building relationships with other bloggers, you want to do the same thing here on YouTube accept you will comment on other channels as well as their videos.

Build up those relationships with other channel owners and they will start to see the value in what you share and well, you know how the story goes right!

Tip #6:  Payoff For Subscriber Limit

This can be kind of fun.

Let’s say you have 100 subscribers on your channel and you want to get to 200 subscribers.  Shoot a video and share it on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, all over the place and let your viewers know that you want to get to 200 subscribers and if they will subscribe, when it reaches the 200 mark you will do X Y Z.

Now you can determine what that X Y Z is so you can either do a giveaway, a contest or something fun or perhaps daring.  I don’t know, use your imagination.  Let your subscribers look forward to seeing you do that X Y Z.

Create a buzz and excitement around you on the way to accomplishing this and turn it into an event. Some people will go out of their way to even get their friends to subscribe just so they can see what you’re going to do if for instance you said you were going to do something crazy at the end.  Oh heck, just make it fun.

Ready To Implement

So what did you think?  Are you ready to implement these steps and take your YouTube channel to a whole new level?  Remember that video is really moving up on that popularity scale and we all want to get in on some of that action.

By using these methods consistently we can all be ahead of the rest of the people who are just casually creating videos every once in a while or sporadically for whatever they have going at that time.   Let’s kick this into high gear and start getting some massive results on YouTube.  I know I’m ready.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I’ve shared.  Ready to get consistent with creating videos and building those relationships over on YouTube as well?  I know I am.

If you enjoyed this post then be sure to comment below and spread the love.  I appreciate you.





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