The Coolest Ad Network I've Ever SeenI want to share a little story with you before I jump into telling you more about the coolest ad network I’ve ever seen.

Most of you know that I ventured back into network marketing right! Since this is my second (and last) time doing this, I made a commitment to myself that this time NO MORE EXCUSES!!!  So I got online, checked out local networking groups on MeetUp and attended my first function on May 12th.  Networking is the game right!  Who knows if they might be interested in what I have to offer but I was going to find out.

I listened to everyone’s spill, I gave my own (my first one, I was so proud) and we all passed out our business cards.  At the end of the meeting this lady approaches me and says, “my business has what you need”.  Surprise!!!  Don’t they all?

I had heard her 30 second spill and I found it intriguing but we all know, 30 seconds doesn’t quite cut it.  You need to know more.  We left that day saying we’d be in touch.   She assumed I would be at the meeting the following Thursday but I ended up having another appointment so I was unable to attend.

The Follow Up

She called me the day after and wanted to know if we could set up a meeting so she could explain how her business works.  I said sure, I was interested in hearing about her ad network.  We set the meeting up for May 23rd and I was in her office at 2:00 pm sharp.  I hate to be late…  Drive me nuts!!

She walked me through their presentation and the bells started going off in my head.  She was right, her ad network was exactly what I needed.  Let me try and explain how this works for any of you who may find a need for what their company offers.

What Is This All About

If you’ll look over to the right side of this page right under the “Top Commenters” box, you will see an ad.  If you were to click on that ad, you will be taken to a page where you can create your own “Me File”.

What this system does is it asks you tons of questions about a lot of different things going on in your life.  Your interests, your preferences, what you enjoy doing, you name it.

Once you have completed these surveys, you will then only be shown ads for those things you are interested in and nothing else.  Once you have viewed the ad, you would click “OK” and get paid something like 10 cents.  You can put that directly into your PayPal account where you can use that to buy other things, maybe some music, games or donate it.  10 cents doesn’t sound like much but for some people, every little bit helps.

Where the advertiser benefits, he will only share his ad with his very targeted market and no one else.  So for my particular product my target audience consists of over 6,175 possible profiles created that want what I have.  Oh and let me also mention that I’m the only advertiser on this site promoting this particular product.  Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding…  The bells were so loud I was getting a headache!  🙂

This company is only a couple years old and based here in Houston but their ads are nation wide.  I started a campaign on June 7th and within three and a half days, my ad had run out.  Here are my stats:

413 impressions
391 directed to my site
115 opt-ins
25% conversions

Last week alone I have another seven people opt-in. I’m not advertising my site anywhere else and haven’t even told anyone about it yet. Why? I set it up for this ad campaign and I wanted to wait until I got the results.  You can also encourage your viewers to share your link with their family and friends and you won’t be charged anything else for that ad to be seen.  Crazy!!!

My Product

Now, I have a physical product that I promote and I give out free samples for them to try first.  I have to give enough time for my sample to arrive and for them to try it.  Let me just put it this way, there are a LOT of forgetful people in this world.  But so far I’ve picked up some new customers and a guy who is very interested in my business.

I’m not sure how this ad network would work for any digital products.  You would probably have to ask them to see what their consumers interests are in what you have to offer.

You have a minimum budget of $50 and all I can tell you from my personal experience is that it was worth every darn cent and some.

What’s The Next Step

I debated about sharing this but then I got to thinking, what the heck!  Why should I keep this a secret when the company is still so new there is plenty of room for everyone.  I mean whatever it is you are promoting, there might not be any other advertisers sharing their products and you would have the run of the entire database.  How cool is that!

I’ll be honest with you, they’ll give me a little cut on my next advertising budget should anyone sign up through the ad you see over on the right sidebar.  It’s not much but I’ll take what I can get.  Also, if you run this ad on your own site and you get some people signing up, you’ll get a little something extra as well.  It’s nothing to get excited about but I won’t turn it down.

If you would like to read more about their services you can go directly to their site by clicking on “YouData” or click on the ad I showed you over on the right and scroll down the page a little bit.  There is a video at the bottom that will give you a little more information.  This is one form of advertising you will not see anywhere else.

If you would like the name and number of the person to speak with, head over to my “Contact Me” page and send me an email letting me know that’s what you would like.  I didn’t want to plaster it in this post but did warn her I was writing it.  Can’t keep this one a secret any longer.

What Do You Think

So would you use any type of advertising like this for your business?  Do you currently do any type of paid advertising?  Have you had any luck with paid advertising campaigns?  I’m curious to know what you think about this type of ad network and would you use anything like this.

Always look forward to hearing from you.  Will be anxious to hear your thoughts on this one.  I’ll be waiting with baited breath!