The Secret to Making People Read Your PostSo what do you think of this headline?  Good huh?  Did this one make you stand up and take notice?  Or maybe just got your curiosity going.  Either way, if you are reading this post then I’ve done a pretty good job of grabbing your attention.

Yea me because up until now, headlines have been my weakness.  Did you catch that?  Past tense!!!

Without a headline that will make your readers want to know more, you can start kissing them goodbye.  Your friends will only support you up to a point and then they will get bored.

Headline Horror

I admit it, my headlines have not been the attention grabbing, awe inspiring works of art you see other places.  Nope, kind of boring if I say so myself.  Everyday as I browse through cyberspace I come across blog posts or articles that catch my eye and I’m eager to read more.  Then you have those that I just keep passing by.  You know, kind of like mine.  🙁

Some of the lessons I’ve learned about how to write good headlines is by checking out the magazines when you’re standing in line at the grocery store or to stop into a bookstore and flip through some of the trashy ones.  Those will really have some attention grabbers.

Maybe it’s that particular day or I just kept picking up the wrong ones but I’ll be honest with you.  I have yet to see a headline in a magazine that really made me want to read the article.  Okay, only if it was mentioning a particular person I wanted to know about but you sure can’t use those for your blog posts can ya.

So we know that headlines are what will make people want to read your post.  So here is the tip for writing good ones.  A tip I should have been following through with but just dropped the ball.

Good Old Swipe Files

Good old swipe files guys…  I first learned about swipe files from none other than Frank Kern.  Why the heck I didn’t continue implementing this is beyond me.  But, I live and learn so from this day forward I will start using this tip big time.

Swipe files are better known for keeping examples of things such as headlines that catch your attention, e-mails that stand out from the rest, introduction paragraphs that pull, catchy phrases or slogans, graphics, photos or complete website designs that enhance the content.  These are great for giving you inspiration.

Since this post is about “The Secret to Making People Read Your Post”, headlines are the first thing that will really grab their attention.  So the next time you are on someone’s blog, article or site and their headlines really caught your eye and made you want to read more, put that in your swipe file so it can help you come up with some great ideas later on.

You’ve Got More!

Since I’m not even going to try to make you think I’m a pro in this area, I wanted to share a few sites that you might find beneficial if you happen to be rather weak in this area as well.

A couple years ago I was shown Jay Abraham’s site and an article he had written titled, “The 100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written“.  Awe inspiring for sure and be sure to check out the very first headline.  Look familiar?  See what I mean!!!  These can really help get your juices flowing.

Another post I found last year is one written by Alex Mangini titled, “18 Resources to Help you Write Better Blog Titles”.   He shares other posts written by people who are at the top of their game when it comes to writing headlines so be sure to go over those when you have the time.

Summing It All Up

I hope you don’t have near the problems I did with writing eye catching headlines but if you do, I sure hope this post helped.  Remember, swipe files are awesome for helping get those creative juices flowing.  Also be sure to check out these posts and articles I mentioned as well because I’m sure you’ll get a lot of other great ideas.

If you have any other tips for me or my readers, you know I welcome your comments.  I want to hear from you and how you come up with great headlines.  Who inspires you the most or who has helped you learn how to write some great one!  I want to know your secret…

Look forward to hearing form all of you soon.