Let’s begin this post by asking this question:

“What made you want to join the network marketing business?”

If you are like most people, that answer would be something like, “I started my business because I wanted to make some extra money and over time, build a successful business so I can quit my day job and be financially free.”

Was I a little close? So if that’s the case, here is another question for you. When you are approaching prospects about your business, what do you say to them? Are you following the corporate script which goes something along the lines of explaining to your prospect about the company, their awesome products and their great compensation plan?

What kind of reaction are you getting from this type of presentation? Are they just excited about everything you just shared with them and are eager to sign up right on the spot! If you have been following this type of script you probably hang up the phone praying that your prospect will still join your opportunity. Sound familiar?

The secret to succeeding in network marketing has nothing to do with selling your prospect on your product.

Let’s go back to why you joined this industry. That’s what you should be talking to your prospect about. People are interested in having more money and financial freedom! It’s not about the best phone service or what magnificent pill will help them live longer.

Network marketing is built on hopes and dreams of becoming financially free. If you want to have any type of success at all, that is what you should be speaking to your prospects about. Once you start talking about the lifestyle they can create for themselves, they sell themselves on the business.

You also want to be able to plug your prospects into a duplicateable training and marketing system. Most company training sites are all about teaching you how to sell sell sell and as we have just learned, that’s not how you have success in network marketing.

You need to introduce them to a generic training community where they can learn how to promote themselves which will make them more attractive to their prospects and then teach them how to do the same.

So your job is really quite simple.

Find the people who want to attain financial freedom and then shorten their learning curve so that they can go out and do the same.

That is the secret to succeeding in network marketing.

To Your Success!