True Inspiration From My Most Popular YouTube VideoWhen I found myself on the internet back in March of 2007, I honestly had no clue where this would take me.  I didn’t have a vision and I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  I had been released from my corporate position and usually when that happens, I would always just go in search of another one.  But at the ripe old age of 49, I chose a different path.  I wanted more!

I stumbled around for way too long not really understanding how all of this worked.  Each time I turned around I was reading something different that just confused me even more.

I was eventually introduced to a team of ladies who had created a free training community and I really started learning quite a bit from what they shared.  We were taught that video was so important so in January of 2008 I created my YouTube channel.

So many people are afraid to get in front of the camera and I totally understand.  It took me three months before I actually posted my very first one of me speaking in front of the camera.  We never think they are good enough but we all know that practice makes perfect.

After watching other videos of people sharing their insights, I finally got why that was so important.  What better way for people to actually be able to connect with you right! Putting a face to a name is one thing, but actually seeing you live talking is another.  I’ve had so many people contact me over the years letting me know that they felt I was speaking just to them and no one else.  That’s why videos are so powerful.

Although at one time I had well over 200, I currently have 167 live videos.  Little did I know that of all the ones I’ve done, one would stand out above all the rest.  And guess what! It’s not of me talking live either.  To this day I still find that video so inspiring as do so many other people.  I say that because it’s nowthree years old.

I never once promoted this video either.  My “Just Believe” video has so far received 759,213 views, 1,393 likes and 269 comments.  In case you’ve never seen it, I would love to share this with you now.


Did you find it inspiring?  Can you see why it has so many views now?  Little did I know when I created this video that it would be so popular.  So many people have found it inspirational over the years and I’ve received so many wonderful comments sharing that it helped them believe in themselves.

My most important lesson is that no matter what little thing you do, you can still inspire and help others.  Share your content and help others because you want to, not because you are looking to find that next sale.  Show how big your heart is and you will truly help others. It will eventually come back to you.

That I do know for sure!

Now it’s your turn.  Have you ever seen this video before?  Did it help inspire you?  Many people have bookmarked it for those days they need that little kick in the pants.

This is just to prove to you that you too can do a simple little video like this that will end up helping so many people.  Although I’ve done a few others with quotes, it’s pretty obvious what message most people are drawn to.

Just believe in yourself and you can achieve anything your heart desires.  That my friends is a given.

Love to you all!

True Inspiration From My Most Popular YouTube Video
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