Business GrowthIt’s that time of the month again and I have a wonderful guest I can’t wait for you to meet.

Most of you already know the amazing Enstine but for those that don’t you are in for a real treat.

This man teaches people how to make money online so if you’ve ever been sitting on the fence then you need to start following him.  

Just by reading this post you’ll definitely learn a few things so are you ready?  

Adrienne is one of the reasons my blog is where it is today. I have been able to build an active community and a blog that generates averagely $1000/month in less than 1 year thanks to relationship building skills I learned from reading this blog. I started by grabbing her free eBook, then I got hooked.

You can imagine the excitement being invited to post on this same blog that has top quality content. When she wrote to me about this opportunity (Yes, it is an opportunity), I took a long breath because I knew I must do something epic to be up to the task 😉

This is my third guest post of the year. I started off with an article on PowerAffiliateClub where I shared some quite interesting points to help you make money in Affiliate Marketing. Here is the post

My second guest post was on Donna’s blog. Donna has one of the blogs you really have to add to your list of blogs-to-visit if you want to succeed online. Not only does Donna publish exceptionally good content, she also invites authors who add more quality to her blog with sharable content.

On Donna’s blog, I continued with Affiliate Marketing by sharing 3 little known tricks to earn more affiliate commissions. I encourage you to check out that one too.

Here again, I’m sharing about something that will help your online business. It’s an area most online entrepreneurs neglect but my experiences have taught me a great lesson. I’m a lover of metrics and believer in stats so permit me share with you something I strongly believe will add value to your online business.

By the time you have a firm understanding of your audience; it will be practically possible to increase your income with your current content and traffic.

So here we go …

Each blog or website has a target audience and a well-defined target audience is the first element to a marketing strategy.

You can’t just get into blogging and start writing about just anything. One of the first things you must do is define the readership of your blog. Once this is done, it will be easier to strategize how to reach and connect with them.

Well, in this post, I’m not talking about how or where to find your target audience and build a community. I want to focus on how to really understand what your readers want each time they are on your blog.

Now, this is crucial because it can literally transform who you are and help you discover the business power of your blog or website.

If you want to be able to connect the dots and build a strong blogging community of active readers, you’ll have to invest in Adrienne’s product. Download your copy here

One of the reasons most bloggers fail today is that they just go on throwing content on their blogs without asking themselves if what they post is what their readers really want.

If you understand the core needs of your audience, you’ll be able to create content that addresses them directly and the end result will be an unavoidable exciting experience. They’ve never taken the pains to find out what’s working and what’s not.

Here is the point …

When you hit the nail at the right spot, your readers will find exactly what they are looking for. This will keep them stuck to your blog;

They will sign up to your list, follow you on social medial, bookmark your blog, talk to others about you, contact you with business proposals, etc.

While you and I strive every day to attract more and more new readers, it is even becoming more difficult to keep them because we are unable to give them what they want. That’s one big reason why readers leave your blog and never return.

The same traditional content that is posted elsewhere is found on your blog. You are making practically no difference but the truth is you have to step out of the crowd, stand differently and shine. However, it will always become difficult to be proactive and create an impact if you don’t understand the readers you are writing for.

If you study their behaviors (while they are on your blog) and tailor your content to meet their needs, sticking around your blog is definitely going to be irresistible.

Adrienne posted a guest article on Andrew’s blog I’d like you to check out. She discussed some very strong points to help you keep your readers always coming back for more. Check out her article here

How do I read my reader’s mind?

There are a couple of tools and things you need to help you look into the minds of your readers and rightly interpret their behaviors.

While suggesting these tools, I’ll be sharing my experience and practical results from running some of them on my blog. Let’s start with heatmap tools

1 – Online Heatmap tools

This is the most exciting technology that reads your readers’ mind through their clicking activities on your blog posts. It gives you the opportunity to look through the eyes of your readers as they navigate on your website.

Heatmap tools capture and record mouse clicks, movements and scroll reach thus helping you know how users engage on your blog. This indicates what content is hot and what is not.

These tools are designed to count mouse clicks on different elements on a web page (links, banners, images, videos, forms, etc.)

Here is how I was able to use a heatmap tool to discover what’s not working on my top menu.

Heatmap Tool No Clicks

NB: The bleu/yellow dots are represent clicks by readers on those areas.

After installing the heatmap tool, for over 72 hours, the menu item “Premium Posts” never got any clicks. I was like ‘what?’ Is this true? Not even a click?

Ok so what next?

I removed that item from my top menu and added something else. So let’s see the results

Heatmap Tools Web Traffic

Now, I replaced “Premium Posts” with “Web Traffic” and in less than 48 hours, there were already clicks on the new menu item.

This is nothing by chance. It opened my eyes to what my readers are interested in. I have been doing this with banners, forms and gradually understanding my readers.

2 – Using the Most Popular Post section of your blog

Popular Post

Most bloggers have areas on their blogs (usually on the right sidebar) to showcase articles that have currently gotten the highest number of comments or views.

The truth is some of us have not come to the understanding that these popular posts are a typical revelation of the areas we should focus on for more results.

On my blog, posts on SEO, Web Traffic, Make Money and controversial topics go like crazy. How did I know this? My popular posts, heatmap tools and Google Webmaster Tools/Google Analytics have this revealed to me.

Now, there are other ways to know what your readers are interested in. You may want to conduct a survey and put together opinions from readers, dwell on some stats from Google Analytics or simply take note of the topics that attract more social shares and comments. These are simply telling you the direction to take.

Improving Your Business

The essence of this post is to help us understand our communities, what they want, the kind of problems they seek to solve and then develop content that will meet them at the real point of need.

Let me end this post by giving you an assignment –

Go identify the 3 most popular posts on your blog in terms of comments or views. List the topics you focused on in these 3 popular articles

Next, find out which of these 3 you can easily come up with another detailed post. This time, go beyond your limit and throw in real meat.

By the time you publish another post on a popular topic, you will be helping your readers solve more problems and creating for yourself more business opportunities.

The End…

Let me end by thanking you for reading to this point. I will be excited to hear from you in the comment box below. What do you think about understanding your readers and dealing with them the right way?

Which are some of the tools you use to read your visitors behavior and how effective are they?

We look forward to hearing from you and we also appreciate you sharing this post with your friends.

Thank you so much!

Enstine Muki

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