Why Content Is Not The Only King On The InternetI know we’ve heard this saying so many times that content is king right!  I’m definitely not here to dispute that fact, no sirree. What I will share with you though is that content is not the only king on the internet.  Not by a long short.

Here is what I know.

Connect In The Comments

You can have an “epic” blog post (a definition I picked up from my friend Benny Hsu).  Those are the posts people are excited about, they spend a lot of time on and will come back to even months later.  That’s what we all aim for right!

But let’s say you have a few of these “epic” posts on your blog yet there aren’t a lot of comments. Why do you think that is?  Does the blog owner respond to each and every comment or are they only picking and choosing which ones they want to answer?

I can hear a few of you saying right now, well Adrienne that’s so time consuming.  I have a business to run.  Well yeah!  Who in the heck do you think your customers are?  The people you interact with and are building relationships right here on your blog that’s who.

Go ahead, ignore your readers, don’t respond to their comments but don’t come back over here and ask me how I’ve gotten all these comments on my posts.   If you want your blog to stand out then you need to have a connection with your readers and you do that through the comments.

Take the time and answer their questions and if you don’t feel you have the time, make the time.  This all depends on what type of results you intend to have with your blog.

Bring Your Personality

Connecting with your readers is so very important but what do you think will keep them coming back for more?  So we have that epic post I was talking about and it’s jammed packed full of really great stuff. But what if you read it and you either just don’t understand fully what they shared or it’s just boring?

Add a little you to your posts.  Remember that people connect with people so bring that to your posts. You always want to be in a niche you are either very familiar with or are extremely passionate about. Like in my posts I share my own experiences of what I’ve learned and I never claim that I know it all. I’m very open and honest with my results.  People find that to be refreshing, wow, an honest approach. Who knew!

People can relate to me because the majority of them have been in my shoes or are there right now. They connect with me on that level which is why they keep coming back for more.  Share your own experiences with your reader and bring life to your posts.

Be Consistent

Be consistent with your blog posting whether you chose to post once a week, twice, three times or every single day.  Whatever you do, be consistent with it because your readers never know when to expect a new post from you.

I know you guys have heard me say this numerous times but let’s face it.  There are a lot of blogs that people can visit and over time we all start to have our favorites right!  So if you aren’t being consistent with your writing schedule then your readers are going to eventually lose interest because they never know when you’ll show up again.

Get on a schedule guys and stick with it.  That’s the great thing about WordPress, you can write your posts ahead of time and schedule them to be published whenever you want.  There is no excuse anymore.

Build The Trust

Your readers will keep coming back for more because they trust you with what you’ve shared so whatever you do, don’t lie or hype anything up.  It’s just not worth all the hassle because the truth always comes out. When that happens you’ll lose a lot of credibility with your readers.

If you got an idea for a post or found some information that was very helpful, give that blogger credit where credit was due.  This post was actually inspired by what Benny Hsu recently wrote about over at his place, Get Busy Living.

Benny and I have been blogging buddies for awhile now and he’s fixing to celebrate his first year with his blog so he wrote about “9 Ways That You Can Build A Blog That Matters” (great post by the way).  I guess you could say that Benny and I have been through this journey together so I’m giving him total credit for the inspiration for this post.

A Little Appreciation Goes A Long Way

Last but by no means least, always tell your readers thank you.  I mean seriously, what does that really take.  Without them, your blog would really be nowhere.  I’ve heard some “guru bloggers” say you don’t have to thank them every time.  Well, maybe they honestly feel that way and maybe you can get to a place where you feel you don’t have to anymore but I don’t think I’ll ever be there.

I am extremely grateful for every single person who has ever supported my journey, who has ever left me a comment, who has ever emailed me with a question, who has ever taken the time to speak to me by phone or set up a time to Skype.  I know that it was hard work and consistency that got me here but you really are the reason I’m here.  If you didn’t enjoy coming to my place and learning from me, my blog wouldn’t have the attention that it does right now.

That my friends is the truth of the matter.

Is There More?

Could I have shared more scoop?  Probably but these are the key points I wanted to cover in this post because I feel they are the most important, at least to me.

I hope you had some good take away from this one and I know I shared a lot with you about how to have blogging success in my last post of the year.  But you also need to bring yourself to your blog and don’t let it be a boring place for people to come.  Even if you are thinking about now that you don’t feel you are very interesting I’ll nip that one real quick.  I felt the exact same way and look at me now! See!!!

I want to hear from you, you know I do.  Would you care to disagree with me at all on any of what I covered here?  Do you think that only content is king?   Do you think you can build a sustaining business without bringing you to the forefront?  I would really like to hear your thoughts on this.

Another Surprise on Monday

So I had my surprise this past Monday and that was the announcement of my new Facebook Fan Page. Did you come over and like it?  What did you think?  Did Pit do a great job or what!  Okay so that was last Monday.  Guess what’s in store for this coming Monday?

Paul Wolfe will be gracing my blog with his presence and it’s going to be one of his fabulous videos next Monday. He’s going to be sharing some tips with you pertaining to YouTube so I’ll make you wait to hear what he’ll be sharing on this topic.  Trust me, it’s going to be good.  So please be sure to stop by next Monday and see what Paul will be sharing with us all.

I’m excited and hope you are too!  My first guest post of the year..  Can’t wait to hear what you guys think.  Okay, until then I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you.

Have a fabulous day!!





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