Why The Heck Are You Really Here?This past Memorial Day weekend I attended a conference outside Dallas for my current opportunity.  Since I just recently joined in mid April, I was hoping to really learn a lot.  Instead, it was more about recognition.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire those people who have struggled in this industry and have finally made it to a level they had only dreamed about.  Don’t we all hope to be there one day? Listening to those who have failed year after year but never gave up.  It can definitely make a believer out of you.

Since I made the trip and paid for the conference I definitely wasn’t going anywhere.  So what did I do?  I paid attention to the people.  Yep, I’m a people watcher.  What I did was I picked up a few things while watching others which led me to the question, “Why the heck are you really here?”

Network Marketing/Direct Sales Industry

People join the network marketing/direct sales industry for many different reasons.  The majority of people I have personally spoken with have shared with me that they are mainly here because they want a better life for their family or they are sick of working for someone else and want to escape the corporate world.

What I found interesting though was that there were a lot of people who attended this conference mostly for the excitement factor.  You know the dressing up, showing off the new outfit and acting like they are someone special.  Even if it is just for a few days.  I  found that kind of sad actually.

Mr. & Mrs. Wanna Be

The first day we were there we rushed to attend some meetings.  Unfortunately for us, the rooms were already full.  Talk about bummed.  So we sat outside contemplating our next move.  My upline saw a couple she knew so she motioned them over to chat.

My first impression was that they were doing very well for themselves.  You know, she was dressed professionally and he had on a really nice suit.  The more they talked the more I learned.  We ended up spending quite a bit of time with them throughout the weekend and I had to keep asking myself, “Why the heck are you really here?”

Even though I had a very enjoyable time with them it was very clear to me why they were failing miserably with this current venture.  He openly admitted that he just wasn’t doing his part and couldn’t get motivated.

What I really found strange was that he couldn’t get motivated yet he spent a fortune coming to this event (they brought their nine month old along with a babysitter) and he didn’t even attend the meetings.  Instead, he decided to hang out by the pool.  What’s up with that!

What Motivates You

Even though the event was not what I had hoped for, it didn’t detour me from my goals. Motivation is not a problem with me.  I do enjoy learning so any opportunity I can grab to learn something new, I’m there.

Where I really ended up getting my education from this weekend was on the car ride home.  Of all places right!

I rode to this event with my immediate upline, who also happens to now be a good friend of mine.  The Vice President of Sales for this particular company just happens to be a very successful network marketer (I know you’re shocked right!).  One of the main reasons he was invited to join and hold this position is because of his past successes.  Now he didn’t make it overnight and he actually failed the first seven years in this industry.

Those are the people I enjoy learning from.  That’s right, the ones that failed miserably until they finally broke the mold.  I love that saying, “old age isn’t for sissies”.  Well, neither is network marketing or direct sales.  You’ve definitely got to have drive and determination in order to make it in this industry.

As we were on the way home, my upline popped in a training CD that this gentleman had recorded at least four years prior. He eventually made it big and was asked to speak at conferences which of course he made into his own product.  It was something that he said that really hit home for me.

What Is Your Why!

I KNOW you’ve been asked this time and time again, “what is your why”.  I use to hear that a lot and for most people starting out we always thought it was just about the money.  I soon learned that it’s not about the money but what the money can do for you. You know what I’m talking about right!

So an example he used was that most people will think that it’s about that million dollar home they would love to live in someday or that shopping spree you would love to go on and never worry about how much anything cost or maybe it’s that really expensive car you’ve always wanted that you never thought you could afford.

All those things are great, really, but can you truly imagine yourself with those?  Through this process you will learn that you have to visualize yourself with those things or doing those things in order to eventually have those things.

Instead of trying so hard to see yourself someplace you’ve never been before, start with the things you can visualize.  For some it may be that they have no more house payments or car payments.  Every time the phone rings it’s always someone you want to speak with instead of those nasty creditors.

Stop trying to see what you can never imagine for yourself and start with what you can visualize.  If you’ve never been financially independent then you have no idea what that feels like.  Your subconscious mind is always going to revert back to that “yeah right” feeling.  Just stick with what you know is a possibility and stop trying to visualize having it all right now.

Lessons Learned

I’ve never been a materialistic person so all those fancy things are not what I envision for myself.   But the lesson I learned from this is to keep it simple.  Stop trying to visualize what everyone else is teaching you and keep it simple.  See what you can imagine for yourself and little by little it will all start falling into place.  That is the biggest lesson I learned just from the car ride home.

So tell me, why the heck are you really here?  Are you after that better life?  Do you have a big enough why and have you been able to envision it for yourself?  Are you succeeding with reaching your goals?  Are you getting the help and support that you need?

You know how much I enjoy hearing your opinions.  I also know that a lot of you can relate to what I’m saying.  I really did get a big lesson from this past weekend even if it wasn’t the one I had been hoping for.

This year has been a tremendous learning experience for me and mainly with just watching out for what continues to show up in my life.  It’s that visualizing those simple things because I see them as a possibility.  With time, they will get bigger.  I tell you one thing, this sure has been a great ride.