Worlds Best Blogging AdviceAs you all know, I’m slowly approaching my fifth anniversary with this blog.  I’ll be celebrating exactly a week from today as a matter of fact, June 19th.  Yep, five whole years on this particular domain.

This month has consisted of me reflecting on a lot of the things I’ve learned along the way.

Last week I wrote about some of the worst blogging advice I’ve ever received.  From the comments it was obvious that I was not alone.

While chatting with Carolyn on Facebook, she recommended that perhaps I should share some of the best blogging advice I’ve received as well.

I thought that was a pretty good idea because I’m sure as we all reflect on where we’ve been I know for me I just instantly started remembering all the crap I’d been told.  That’s really kind of sad that I wasn’t concentrating on all the good things I’ve learned.

I mean I felt basically alone when I started this particular journey of blogging.  I was heavily into affiliate marketing so my focus was purely on driving traffic to my sales pages and making me some darn money.

It really worked beautifully back in the day because for some unknown reason the search engines loved WordPress.   It literally boggled my mind how Google would rank a WordPress blog over their own platform.  I don’t really care why they did, I was just happy that they were.

Best Blogging Advice Ever

As most of you know, was a stand alone static website before I moved it over to WordPress.  The thing with websites though is that you can’t fill it with quality content on a regular basis and we know how the search engines love fresh new content.

The best advice I ever received was to get a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Now we all know that if you are hosting your own blog then you own your own content.  If you are blogging on a free platform it doesn’t actually belong to you.  Those companies that are hosting it can take your blog down in a heartbeat without your permission or without any warning.

With a self hosted WordPress blog I was able to write content on a weekly basis and get that in front of the search engines where that’s just not possible on a website.

In those early years I did really well.  I was publishing posts three times a week, writing about the benefits of the products I was promoting and pulling in some good money.  Google loved me.  Yay!!!

More Great Blogging Advice

There really is so much to blogging and of course I think we actually end up receiving just as much bad advice as we do good.  I guess because the bad steered us wrong then maybe it sticks with us more.

Along the way though I’ve met some amazing people who have helped me tremendously and given me some great advice.

More of that would be:

  • Buy a paid theme, you’ll have more leeway with it along with regular support
  • Get a custom header created and be sure to put your picture in it, people need to see who you are the minute they land on your blog and it needs to stand out from the rest
  • Have a tag link that explains what you share on your blog, mine is still too generic though
  • Write two to three blog posts weekly on a consistent basis
  • Be sure to add social sharing buttons so that your readers can share your content
  • Don’t blog for the money, it will come back to bite you (I know, confusing right)
  • Be yourself, everyone else is already taken
  • Give all your good stuff away, people will love you
  • Be patient, you won’t see results overnight
  • Comment on other people’s posts (I was told to do this for traffic)
  • After you comment share their content, it will help you stand out
  • Don’t stop blogging

Great Blogging Advice I Didn’t Receive

As we continue on our journey some of us learn as we go and I did a lot of that.

Many of you know my story and about the course that changed my blogging journey back in late 2010.  Because it was about how to build your own business it was geared toward just getting traffic to your site so you could get those people to opt into your blog and get on your list.

From there your emails would entice them into buying what I had to offer.  So they were just gun ho about traffic traffic traffic.

I think a few of you might also agree with me that some of the things we’re taught we have an uneasiness about it like something doesn’t sit well with this.  That happened to me a lot online so I didn’t do some of what I was taught for that reason alone.

Looking back I’m glad I didn’t but here is some of the things I learned myself as I continued on my journey.

  • Write in your own voice and make your readers feel like you’re talking just to them.
  • Always say thank you when they comment because they took the time to visit your blog, read your post and leave their comment.
  • Help others if at all possible by just reaching out to them and starting a conversation.
  • Enjoy the journey because it will bring you much more joy then you can ever imagine.
  • Connect with other bloggers for the friendship and support.  We all need each other.
  • You cannot do this alone.
  • Always and I mean always back up your blog.

That’s what comes to mind when thinking back on my journey up to this point.

Although I’m sure there are plenty of people teaching this stuff at the time I didn’t run across it myself.

You’re probably also wondering why I didn’t mention the technical part of things like what goes on behind the scenes, how to create posts for the search engines, the plugins that were suggested to me, etc.  Let’s just say I eventually learned it all.

Your Turn

So I know there is a lot of great blogging advice that you’ve probably received as well.  What would you say was your turning point though?  I mean if you had to think of a few things, what’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

You know I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so please do comment below and share this with your friends.  I’d love to hear from them as well because I’m sure there’s much more out there that I still need to learn.

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