Wow, Google Doesn't Like Me AnymoreAs the excited chatter spread across the social networking sites, I was thrilled to hear from several of my friends that their page rank had improved.  Yep, Google made another update and many of my friends who definitely deserve more recognition were finally receiving their dues.

As word continued to spread I decided it was about time to see how Google had viewed my blog lately.  I guess you can imagine my surprise when I saw that I had been bumped from a PR4 to a PR2.  Wow, Google doesn’t like me anymore. That really hurt!

As I sat there scratching my head over what the heck just happened, the lovely Miss Brankica and I went through a few things that could have warranted this change.  Things like had I changed the topic of my blog lately or had I deleted any good pages?  There was a definite “no” to both of those questions.  What it comes down to is really in theory, Google thinks I’m less of an authority now.  I find this really rather disturbing because since the first of this year I’ve received a big increase in traffic to my site, my Alexa rating is hovering around 87,000, I’m getting so many more comments then I did last year and I have a lot more blogs linking to my site.

So no one wants to go backwards, especially when it comes to Google but I can’t be too terribly upset.  How many times have we heard that we can’t really rely on the “numbers”? What I mean by that is when you visit my blog and read my posts, do you check my Alexa rating or my page rank before you decide if I’m worth your time?  If my numbers are higher do you see me as more of an authority on the subject I’m writing about?  Now that my page rank has dropped, does it mean you think any less of my content?

As I talked to a few more people about the drop in my page rank I found it kind of funny that they didn’t even realize that my blog had been at a PR4. How many people really pay attention to the numbers when they visit a blog for the first time?  If their page rank isn’t very high do you just decide it’s not worth your time?  Now that you know how Google views my blog do you see me as less of an authority on the topics I write about?  See where I’m going with this?

I took a little spin around the web and checked out a few blogs of people that I think are top dogs in the online industry just to see what their page rank was.  I was very surprised to see that one blog had no page rank at all while another had a PR2 just like me.  I was shocked to be honest with you.

So we all know that when you have more inbound links coming to your site that are more authority links, your blog will start getting much more recognition.  That recognition is what’s going to move you up in the search engines and help your blog get viewed more.  I guess only time will tell on how much more or less traffic I receive due to this decrease in page rank.

Although I was taken back by my sudden drop, I guess this just means that I’m going to have to start all over again to see how I can’t resolved this in the eyes of Google. Trust me, I will continue to blog and I will continue to share what I learn and as I grow.  I will continue to visit the blogs I enjoy reading whether Google thinks highly of them or not.

I want to congratulate all my wonderful blogging friends who have moved up in the Google ranks.  It’s definitely a great feeling, it’s something you should be very proud of and I would wear it well.  All I can say is watch out cause it looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me now.  Ah but I do love a good challenge.

Thanks for listening and I hope all of you have wonderful news to share with me when you leave me your thoughts.  I’m anxious to hear how much your page rank has increased because I certainly don’t want Google to be upset with you either.

Look forward to hearing from each and every one of you.